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Whatever happens May 18 Our ABC is ready to steer democracy

5 May 2019

10:31 AM

5 May 2019

10:31 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

Regardless of the verdict of the visionless voters in Election 19 CBD can confidently predict Australia will be in good hands. The decision made by the ABC Board to appoint a thirty-year staff veteran as its managing director has left CBD with goosebumps of delight. Australia’s destiny is achievable. So terrified of “not their ABC” is SM and his team his minister immediately praised the appointment and congratulated David Anderson.

The newly handpicked Chair of the ABC Ita Buttrose – about whom CBD had some initial misgivings – appears to have immediately submitted to the ABC culture and done the staff’s bidding with this inspired in-house appointment. After all, we were told the appointment was only after an intergalactic search for talent, yet the local ABC in house contender easily come out on top.

After all the unkind attacks on the ABC CBD wonders how many people actually realise let alone appreciate the hotbed of talent that is the ABC. After an intergalactic search, the best talent was found right under our nose in the funding-starved ABC itself.

For thirty years the worlds best managing director was hidden in that overflowing talent reservoir of the ABC. How fortunate is the Australian nation that the new ABC MD is so committed he didn’t allow himself to be poached or bought by some other country’s, let alone universe’s, media enterprise. CBD is convinced there must be hundreds of offers rejected by David.

But who better suited to protect our way of life, our culture, indeed our very future than an MD with thirty years experience marinating in the ABC’s ways. Such experience will of necessity bring with it fresh thinking, an open mind, and a set of eyes which will see things not before seen.

Some detractors from the hard right may reference the revelation the new MD actually sought a redundancy from the ABC. CBD considers this muckraking. Other greats have sought to leave and then changed their mind to finally fulfil their ambitions. Think no further than MT. CBD is confident it will go just as well.

Although CBD is unhesitatingly committed to diversity it was reassuring to see Groupthink alive and well in the ABC Board. Their decision was unanimous.

The Board has led by example. To be truly independent and to preserve its self-appointed role as Australia’s guardian it was imperative that no alternate view was countenanced.

Such a fundamentally important institution is my ABC that its protection from the ugly forces of competition and accountability is vital. And this has been guaranteed. Australia is safe.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

Illustration: ABC publicity.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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