Seven of the most hysterical reactions to PM Boris Johnson

25 July 2019

9:22 PM

25 July 2019

9:22 PM

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is already delighting his supporters, but not everyone is happy about Britain’s new leader. Boris’s first speech in Downing Street and the Cabinet bloodbath that followed has led to a fair bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth, not least on Twitter. From independent group MPs and David Lammy to the New York Times – and even a popular children’s author – PM Boris is a prospect that is filling some with horror. Here are seven of the most hysterical reactions to Boris’s big win:

Mike Gapes:

Alt-right is a ‘far-right, white supremacist, white separatist, anti-immigration and sometimes anti-Semitic movement’, according to Wikipedia. So Mr S. thinks that it’s a somewhat baffling choice of phrase for Mike Gapes to use to describe Boris’s government:

Mr S. thinks it might be worth reminding Gapes that of the four big posts in government – held by Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Sajid Javid and Priti Patel – three are now held children of migrants…

The New York Times:

Not one to miss out on taking a pop at ‘Brexit Britain’, the New York Times hit a somewhat over-the-top tone in its coverage of Boris’s victory. ‘Boris Johnson Is How Britain Ends’, declared the headline on a piece by journalist James Butler. Britain may be about to discover how it feels to be the punch line,’ the piece warned. Oh dear…

Tim Walker:

‘Now we know what it’s like to live in a dictatorship’, said the New European‘s Tim Walker, sharing a video from a US network explaining Boris’s leadership win. Perhaps it’s time for Walker to brush up on how a parliamentary democracy works…

Matt Haig:

Author Matt Haig has written a book called ‘Reasons to stay alive’, but he couldn’t find much to be pleased about when it came to Boris Johnson’s success. Haig said Boris fans are ‘just racist’. And his message to the new PM? ‘F*** Boris Johnson. F*** Trump. F*** Brexit. F*** Katie Hopkins’. Mr S hopes Haig’s children’s books aren’t this rude…

Will Hutton:

‘Dangerous’ was the verdict from the Observer’s Will Hutton on the appointments made by Boris. ‘This was the first stage in a right wing coup. Johnson and his charlatans now occupy government, his majority ex UKIP members signing up as Tories’:

David Lammy:

‘The whole world is laughing at us’, was David Lammy’s reaction to PM Boris. Are you sure, David?

Nish Kumar:

To the surprise of no one, BBC comedian Nish Kumar turns out not to be a fan of Boris Johnson. Here is how he took the news of Boris’s Cabinet choices:

Mr S. is sure there are plenty more hysterical reactions to Boris, so please do offer your suggestions in the comments below…

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