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Why should we keeping funding the “toxic masculinity” false narrative?

13 January 2020

11:00 AM

13 January 2020

11:00 AM

Australia is already facing difficult truths over land management. 

Funding fraudulent narratives is dangerous – and an undeniable false economy. 

If we’re tackling one, we should tackle others.

Step forward “toxic masculinity: the brainchild of man-hating feminists who want us to believe that violence and evil is a gender issue.

According to the scriptures of this flawed religion, masculinity is the original sin that men are riddled with at birth. 

What tosh.  

Why does our government continue to fund this rubbish? 

Two stories struck me last week… 

Firstly, a 21-year-old female sexual predator in the UK posed as a teenage boy to assault young girls after grooming them on social media.   

It’s reported Gemma Watts targeted teens as young as 14. Police fear she could have assaulted up to 50 youngsters.  

Many of her victims didn’t realise they’d been tricked until police officers informed them.

Some were so traumatised after they found out the boy they believed they loved was, in fact, a 21-year-old woman they self-harmed or considered suicide. 

Watts was jailed for eight years after pleading guilty to assault by penetration, three counts of sexual assault, and two counts of meeting a child following sexual grooming in incidents involving four different victims.

Frankly, her sentence should have been longer.  

It certainly should be the equivalent a man would have received.  

Isn’t that true equality? 

The flurry of comments in response to this case underlines how dangerous it is to perpetuate this lie that men are more violent than women.  

The ideology of “toxic masculinity” is causing harm, destroying lives and must be actively challenged.

Also last week, a panel of three psychiatrists found that former Melbourne school principal Malka Leifer is ‘mentally fit to stand trial’ 

She is wanted in Victoria for 74 rape and child sex assault charges. It’s alleged these crimes were committed during her time at the ultra-orthodox Adass Israel school more than a decade ago.  

One of three sisters who have accused Leifer of abuse took to social media to express her relief at the decision. “We cannot believe this day has come!!! Incredible news!! We knew this all along! Such a long wait, justice has come,” Dassi Erlich wrote on Twitter.

So, Leifer lied about mental illness to avoid facing justice for her alleged crimes?  

How to blame “toxic masculinity” for all of this?

I look forward to seeing this horrific case receiving equal amount of mainstream media coverage and outrage as the case of George Pell…

Surely this is also the ideal opportunity to take a good hard look at the millions of dollars of government funding which is poured into the fraudulent myth that men are toxic monsters; advertising campaigns, plush salaries and gendered lies that belie the truth.

In life, there are good men and bad men, good women and bad women.  

It is time to ditch this deceitful gendered religion once and for all.  

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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