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Yassmin’s back, pockets full of our cash for her exhibitionist victimhood

20 January 2020

11:30 AM

20 January 2020

11:30 AM

While Aussies have been battling devastating bushfires, a certain someone has been kicking back in her designer gear, feet up, counting their million blessings and practising their French. 

Well, hello there Princess of Privilege, Yassmin Abdel-Magied. 

Remember how the left still bang on about her being ousted from her own country following that offensive post which used ANZAC Day to tweet about refugees? 

Recall how we’re told she’s banished, ruined and her career will never recover? 

Can you cast your mind back to when she compared Australia to an “abusive boyfriend”?  

She said the backlash to that ANZAC Day tweet made her feel “betrayed by my own country” and claimed no one would hire her.  

Save your sympathy – it turns out Yassmin’s doing rather well 

Very well, in fact. On our tab. 

The Australia Council has announced eight writers as recipients of international development residencies as part of its latest grants round. 

And guess who’s on the list? 

Ta-da! YAM.  

She’s been awarded a six-month residency at the Keesing Studio in Paris, along with a plush $20,000 grant, by the Australia  — not the bitter expat — Council.

The Keesing Studio is located in the oh so trendy Le Marais. 

The Australia Council website informs us, “Cite internationale des arts community, is transdisciplinary, transgenerational and transnational.” 

Of course it is. 

How lovely.  

Couldn’t we all do with six months on the taxpayer tab in Paris – along with 20 grand spending money? 

Nice work if you can get it.  

On further investigation, it emerges that Yassmin has actually gained a level of notoriety while “banished” and “suffering” overseas.  

These days, she’s also carving out a new career as a social media influencer.  

She’s been busy posting to her Instagram account and being rewarded with “paid partnerships”.  

Last week she posted an image of herself standing in front of a movie poster for the film Bombshell 

The post was paid for by film company Lionsgate UK and was so brazen she even hashtagged #ad at the end.  

In it, she wrote that the film, which is about the Fox News sexual harassment scandal, speaks about “how the patriarchy can make us complicit”.  

It turns out being banished isn’t so bad after all — as long as you’re a farleft activist with a penchant for publicity.  

Believing in the patriarchy pays.  

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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