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Soon we won’t even be able to use the old bullock dray – the methane emissions

3 March 2020

4:00 PM

3 March 2020

4:00 PM

The political madness of Britain committing itself to a net-zero emissions target by 2050 has been highlighted by David van Gend in an excellent article in this week’s The Spectator Australia 

A full copy of the report that inspired the policy, Absolute Zero—published by no less than Cambridge University—which van Gend referred to in his piece can be found here 

Like many, I was shocked to read that it clearly outlines how British citizens need to ‘stop using aeroplanes’ as well as ‘stop eating beef and lamb’. Surely they can’t be serious? But then I read in The Guardian the very same day Heathrow’s third runway has been ruled illegal due to the government’s commitment to climate change:  

The court’s ruling is the first major ruling in the world to be based on theParis climate agreementand may have an impact both in the UK and around the globe by inspiring challenges against other high-carbon projects. 

Lord Justice Lindblom said: “The Paris agreement ought to have been taken into account by the secretary of state. The national planning statement was not produced as the law requires.” 

This is an incredibly regressive step for Britain economically. And if Anthony Albanese gets his way, the same kind of economic suicide associated with net-zero emissions would be implemented here. No wonder the opposition leader has been so reticent to talk about any costings. Even the ABC’s Sammy J is hilariously pillorying his political stupidity. 

But The Guardian report goes on to state: 

[Boris] Johnson has opposed the runway, saying in 2015 that he would “lie down in front of those bulldozers and stop the construction”. Heathrow is already one the busiest airports in the world, with 80 million passengers a year. The £14bn third runway could be built by 2028 and would bring 700 more planes per day and a big rise in carbon emissions. 

David Sergeant warned Flat White readers back in May 2019 of Johnson’s progressive proclivities when he accused him of being a Leftist fraud. How right he was. As is now being seen, Johnson is nothing but a faux conservative.  

The only question remains, what’s going to happen here? 

Mark Powell is the Associate Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Strathfield.

Illustration: Twitter.

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