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How the(ir) ABC put the “I” into Mother’s Day

11 May 2020

11:37 AM

11 May 2020

11:37 AM

Remember the days when Mother’s Day was actually about mothers? A homemade card, poorly buttered toast in bed and an outing for lunch to save cooking?

Yeah, well those days are gone.

Today, Mother’s Day is all about narcissism. 

It has been re-spelt with 15 “I”s.

And, if you’re the ABC it was a splendid opportunity to underline your progressive values and just how left-leaning you are.  

The ABC’s wrap up of eight Australian mothers included Mrs Waleed Aly, aka Dr Susan Carland, who’s an academic, author and social commentator, don’t you know. “Motherhood teaches me humility,” she said, without a hint of irony as she supplied a photo and a few hundred words singing her own praises. Tellingly, she even lets slip that she feelsproud of [her] intellect and professionalism”.

Former Kevin Rudd staffer, Mamamia author, presenter and political commentator Jamila Rizvi used the opportunity to name drop about interviewing former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, aka the Miserable Ghost pimping out his memoir to anyone with ears. Who wants to tell her he really wasn’t picky about who he gushed about himself to? 

Comedian, author and TV presenter Meshel Laurie put up her hand to talk about how quickly she returned to work after having twins. Poor overburdened feminists will always miraculously find the time, energy and unpaid headspace to whinge about how overworked they are.

Thank heavens for you.

“Australian author and writer” Maxine Beneba Clarke — we didn’t think she was from Kazakhstan — thrilled us with her Year 10 poetry:

the ferocity of our love, alone,
will hum our families

Far-left exhibitionist feminist Clementine Ford stepped up to remind everyone just how far left and extreme the(ir) ABC is while poetically blabbing about culture, birth, surrender and the lessons of motherhood. “I have been completely undone by mothering,” she muses. “But the fragments return piece by piece, each of them changed.”


It goes on.

And on.

And on.

And then, by stark contrast, there is one lone amazing mother… to 16 children. Who is such a realistic, down to earth, voice it does little but to highlight the idiocy, pretension and narcissism of the other faux poetic, motherly guests.

Between them, these clowns make Miriam Margolyes look like a decent, well-adjusted individual.  

Illustration: ABC.

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