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Mounting anger around the Family Law inquiry

29 June 2020

5:00 AM

29 June 2020

5:00 AM

When Scott Morrison announced the Family Law Inquiry he described it on Channel 7 as an opportunity, “to hear directly from families and listen to them as they give their accounts of how the family law system has been impacting them and how it interacts with the child support system.” 

It was billed as the chance for everyday Aussies to speak up and tell their stories in an attempt to force change. 

What a joke.  

It’s hardly surprising that months down the track, there is mounting anger about the way this Inquiry is being handled.  

Hundreds (if not thousands) of submissions have been needlessly classified as confidential and withheld from public view. 

There’s growing fury at the seemingly shameless efforts to silence the truth.  

It’s almost as if the government knows precisely “how the family law system is impacting” people, knows exactly how it “interacts with the child support system”.

It’s almost as if there’s a corrupt public wall around this inquiry. 

It’s almost as if those in power don’t want the truth to be heard.  

What a shame that virtue signalling left-wing journalists show a depth of compassion for people caught up in the Robodebt fiasco but have zero desire to mirror that compassion when it comes to painful discussions around Family Law.

The broken family law system is ruining lives in this country – parents, children, and extended families – all being trashed. Yet, the mainstream media will focus on Robodebt because it’s politically expedient? 

Human beings invested time and energy reliving their trauma, completing their submissions, following the process. 

Many months after they’ve made their submission, they’re informed their story has been blocked.  

Hundreds of men across the country are now going through the appeals process in an attempt to have their stories made public.   

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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