President Kamala, mistress of puppets?

12 August 2020

9:06 AM

12 August 2020

9:06 AM

So, will it be President Kamala Harris after all? You might think so. After all, whoever Joe Biden’s ventriloquist is this week just had the puppet announce that his pick for vice-president is none other than the mixed-race female senator from California.

You remember Kamala Harris. She’s the one who, as California’s Attorney General, held back exculpatory evidence about a chap on death row in order to burnish her ‘tough on crime’ image. That was before her leadership role in savaging Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court — the single most disgusting attempted political assassination I have ever witnessed. And it was also before her vicious attack on — why, it was on the puppet himself, on Joe Biden for being against forced busing back in the day.

We’ll be seeing those clips and many others like them early and often for the next 90-odd days. Then we will never see them again. Because Kamala Harris will not being moving in the the residence at the Naval Observatory any more than Joe Biden’s new address will be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

True enough, were Joe Biden to win, we would very soon have a President Harris. Biden’s ostentatious incapacity would require his early removal from office. Biden himself is a walking — well, a not-walking argument against his election.

And now we have Kamala Harris. Experts disagree about who is the nastiest and most disagreeable woman in politics. Some say it is Elizabeth Warren, and there is a lot to be said for her candidacy. Some say it is Hillary Clinton or Amy Klobuchar. I admit there is quite a lot to said for both of them as well. But for my money, the single most repellent woman in politics today is Kamala Harris. She is also, as this devastating video clip tweeted out today by President Trump reminds us, one of the most extreme leftists in what we used to be able to call, without irony, mainstream politics.

Frankly, I am surprised at Joe Biden’s minders. What does Harris bring to the ticket? Yes, she is a mixed-race female, which gives him brownie points with the BLM-antifa fanatics (though her behavior as a prosecutor and attorney general of California will win her no plaudits in those quarters). But Biden will take California in any event. How will Harris play in the rest of the country? Not well, I predict.

I think it likely that Joe Biden is not allowed to tie his shoes without the OK from his handlers. Did they really approve of Kamala Harris as veep? Perhaps in this one case, Biden made the call himself. It would argue strenuously against his being compos mentis. But what else is new?

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