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No news, but the ABC is still serving up the soft and gooey guff

24 September 2020

4:05 PM

24 September 2020

4:05 PM

The ABC ended its 7.45 am main morning radio news broadcasts this week, a punishment for the public for not making the government give it more money (and a tacit admission that the national broadcaster is no longer a serious source of news).

But what about ABC Life, the woke web lifestyle pages that use public funds to undermine commercial media in a clear breach of the Corporation’s charter. We were told it would go too at the same time as the axe fell on the morning news.

Yet it’s still there — and look what vital information is at the very top of the page:

Check out the other soft and gooey content published over the past 48 hours ABC Life has as highlights:

And they’re just the lead items. Other parody-defying lead attractions on ABC Life  include:

Nurture your stomach (and soul) with this one-pot quinoa

Why I still struggle to talk about race with my non-Black friends

Kerri recently tried a pizza that changed her life. Here’s what happened

“The world notices you’re an interracial couple before you do”

“I really felt my foreignness”: Finding a home in Tokyo, “I didn’t know how to fit in”: Feeling the weight of living overseas and “I couldn’t shake the sadness”: The immense loneliness of living overseas

What you need to know before getting a chemical peel

How Richard is taming the “dad rage” inside him

Books to read if the magic of Harry Potter has faded

How sustainable are you at home? Take our quiz

Why Molly realised a headwrap is more than a fashion statement

How Adelene deals with noises while working from home

Not to mention:

What switching my smartphone for this ancient flip phone taught me “A soy milk incident left me smartphone less. But instead of replacing it, I bought a 1999 Nokia instead. Here’s what I learned from the experience…”

Why did our taxes ever go to support such guff?

Why, if the ABC can’t support a 15 minute morning bulletin, is it still there?

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