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A true tale of Halloween horror

31 October 2020

6:33 PM

31 October 2020

6:33 PM

The SpecOz receives some curious media releases with curious punctuation, but this one might just take the cake — or pumpkin pie:

This halloween will waste enough pumpkins to feed the whole country 

1)  Has something along these lines been sent to all supermarkets, greengrocers etc ?

Will you ensure all the pumpkins you sell this year will have their contents eaten ?   And the shells composted after use ?

Place a poster with a link + QR code to a website of pumpkin recipes next to them in the veg aisle etc  + print it on the the till receipt of people buying them.

Post this, or something similar, on all your social media pages  –  avoid food waste  –  pumpkin recipes  – 

–  https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/pumpkin 

2)  And something similar to all schools ?  and relevant kids’ tv shows, websites etc ?

3)  Has thought ahead been taken to waste at christmas eg food, packaging, plastic, unrecyclable wrapping paper, single-use greetings cards, single-use trees ? 

4)  Have all supermarkets now announced a date in 2021 when they will end all food waste, by eg ceasing to over order, stopping all 2for1 type offers, reducing package sizes for perishables etc ?

5)  Make an entry in your planners for next ( and every ) year.

A true Halloween horror.

Won’t somebody please think of the pumpkins?

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