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Critical theory 101 with Clementine Ford

9 October 2020

12:06 PM

9 October 2020

12:06 PM

What a Friday treat. There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching the left eat its own.  

Latest in the firing line is exhibitionist feminist Clementine Ford who has been forced to delete a tweet after yesterday’s US Vice-Presidential Debate – and swiftly apologise.  

It’s the first time poor Clem has dared to venture back onto Twitter since that tweet about COVID in May. Remember she joked about coronavirus not killing men fast enough? 

Her return to Twitter after five months of silence did not go well. 

Apologising, Ford sounded like Titania McGrath, “I shared a tweet this afternoon about the fly that was on Pence’s head during the debate. That tweet read, “That fly is Mike Pence’s only black friend. It is a function of white privilege to not think more critically about the impact of ‘jokes’ like this, and the implication they are making – in this case, the equation of black people with flies. That was certainly not my intention when I shared the tweet, but that’s absolutely what I contributed to when I shared it – and in the end, that’s all that matters.

She continued, “I am genuinely and deeply sorry for contributing to the dehumanising narrative that Black Lives are fodder for ‘jokes’ like this to score politics [political?] points. It also reflects how far so many of us – and definitely me included – still have to go in regards to our anti-racism work.” 

The problem, of course, in indulging in this kind of loopy critical thinking is that there is no end to it. If making a joke about a fly on someone’s head is ‘racist’, we’re all in trouble.

The left truly has become a parody of itself.

The flurry of responses from other folk attempting to do the mental gymnastics required to keep up with the insatiable woke beast was highly amusing.  

“On reflection, I’m also very sorry that I read your post and didn’t think twice about it,” one wrote. “That’s equally as shameful.” 

So, not being offended is now “shameful”? 

Not seeing racism everywhere is “shameful”?

Another wrote, “This one passed me by at first, too, I’m sorry to say.”

Off to the gulag with you.  

Another dared to write, “When I saw that joke last night, I thought it was funny. It was absurd. It was funny because it was absurd.”

A joke that’s “funny”? Well, we can’t have that, can we?

The truth is, more people found the fly joke amusing than took offence — and Clem: the critical lesson here is that you can never be woke enough.  

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