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Yes, the Lord of the Rings was filmed there – but Kiwis have voted to make their whole country a fantasyland

19 October 2020

5:00 AM

19 October 2020

5:00 AM

It’s a tough call on which was more predictable; Jacinda Arden’s victory, or the sickeningly smug reaction from the left.  

Credit where credit’s due. The landslide victory puts the Labour Party in a position of tremendous strength, having won enough support to govern alone. The party scored its strongest result in 50 years.

That said, reports still say, “it remains likely that she will reach out to the left-wing Green Party to form a coalition government.”

Ahead, Kiwis are set to decide on two landmark social issues; legalising recreational marijuana and whether to legalise euthanasia.  

So, New Zealand now looks set to head even further to the left and become one of the most liberal countries in the world.  

Basically, NZ is on track to become The Netherlands of the southern hemisphere.

All of this was just too exciting for the loud left on Twitter. One wrote:

The only thing missing from this tweet was the vomit emoji.  

Presumably, she’s alluding to Jacinda-style kindness of our very own Dan Andrews, who has snapped at women like Peta Credlin and Rachel Baxendale who have stepped up to hold him to account?  

Or is she referring to his “intelligence” and “compassion” with regard to astute decision-making on behalf of small businesses, which are now going under across Victoria?

The #IStandWithDan sheep on the left desperately want Andrews to be as popular in Australia here as Jacinda is in NZ.  

It’s not going to happen.

The left-leaning media around the globe may have successfully promoted her to Saint Jacinda; the woman who is single-handedly putting other leaders to shame, but she has intense challenges ahead.

Her success handling COVID and her response to the Christchurch massacre may well have blinded the public to the facts.

Left-wing media doesn’t want to talk about harsh lockdown laws, a shattered tourism industry, plunging house prices, struggling export industry, or widespread, wild unemployment. 

Being a woman of the left, with a distractingly dazzling smile, who took maternity leave does not equal a triumphant policy agenda.   

Make no mistake, Saint Jacinda’s halo is shaky.  

She has some fierce economic challenges ahead.

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