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They want him to 'turn the other cheek' so that they can have a free ride to power regardless of what laws they have broken and what cheating they've stooped to

14 November 2020

9:00 AM

14 November 2020

9:00 AM

Don’t turn the other cheek, sir

Fascinated by American politics, I’ve watched avidly as the results in the presidential election have trickled in. At the time of writing, Joe Biden has claimed overall victory, backed by most of the US media, whilst Donald Trump has mounted legal challenges to the source and counting of many ballots in battleground states.  I’ve also read what all the top commentators here in Australia have had to say and who, almost without exception, are calling on President Trump to admit defeat and to stop whingeing like a sore loser. I’ve also taken into account that the presidential election was only the culmination of a wider and relentless campaign of vilification that has been waged against Trump for the past four years by the combined forces of multi-media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and other big tech companies (often sharing common ownership). This was because if Trump’s policy of ‘putting America first’ were fully implemented it would mean an end to those highly-profitable but unholy alliances between US capitalists and, for example, Chinese communists which had already resulted in so many US jobs being exported overseas. After considering all factors I’ve come to the conclusion that the 2020 Presidential race was not a free and fair election.

On the narrow issue of ‘voter-fraud’, supporters of the Democrat position claim that there is no evidence of wrong-doing. Well, I’m just one person on the other side of the world to the actual events but, according to eye-witness reports I’ve seen, in Michigan after the count was closed down for the night a batch of 138,000 new votes were delivered which when counted were claimed to be no less than 100 per cent for Biden. What’s the chances of that? In Nevada electoral officials barred Republican scrutineers from witnessing a late-delivered dump of 400,000 votes and their approval for counting. In Arizona, a funeral director reported that he’d seen at least a dozen ballots for Biden that bore the names of people he’d actually buried.  In Pennsylvania many will be familiar with the videos showing electoral officials expelling Republican scrutineers from the count, to loud cheers from their colleagues, and of covering up windows behind which they had graciously allowed scrutineers to witness the count but from a distance that made it impossible. Why would they do all this if they had nothing to hide? But the position in Pennsylvania is even worse. Contrary to state law, ballots have been accepted for up to three days after the election. After local election officials ignored court orders from their own State Supreme Court, the US Supreme Court issued an order late on Friday, 6 November requiring the whole state to segregate and secure all votes received after 8pm on election day and, if already counted, to tabulate them separately from the votes received before the deadline and to not include them in any official total counts. The US Supreme Court has signalled that it plans to take up the substantive case.

I think this shows that there is already considerably more evidence of voter-fraud by Democrats in this election than the zero amount of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 one. But that didn’t stop the Democrats and their allies from hounding Trump through an impeachment process that failed to reveal one iota of evidence against him. But now the apologists for the Democrats and Biden, hypocrites one and all, want Trump to ‘do as we say, not as we do’. They want him to ‘turn the other cheek’ so that they can have a free ride to power regardless of what laws they’ve broken and what cheating they’ve stooped to.

Taking ‘free and fair elections’ in its wider context, let’s not forget that for the past four years most of those who laughingly call themselves journalists have been bad-mouthing President Trump in a co-ordinated attempt to drive him from office. Even here in Australia the ABC never misses a chance of putting in a bad word about him. Over a long period a campaign such as this can only be described as brain-washing. And you see evidence of this brain-washing everywhere you go. People who otherwise have no interest in politics nearly always have a negative opinion of Donald Trump. They have no idea that his policies have resulted in the lowest levels of poverty and unemployment among African-Americans and Hispanics in four decades, or that through fracking and natural gas he’s made the US energy-independent and, at the same time, lowered emissions to less than they would have been had the country remained in the Paris Accord, or even that he donates all of his presidential salary to charity. They just know that the media tells them he’s bad, so he must be bad.

Then there’s the attempt to shut down free speech. The censorship by Twitter of news detrimental to the Democrats; how they removed the New York Post’s front-page story on Hunter Biden’s corruption and even suspended their account. The barring of opinions that fail to reflect their left-wing ideology, including even those from the president. Similar restrictions imposed by Facebook. And perhaps above all the refusal of all the mainstream media to carry Tucker Carlson’s bombshell interview with Tony Bobulinski that revealed Joe Biden’s undoubted knowledge that his son was corruptly selling access to his father and his likely indebtedness to the Chinese Communist Party.

In spite of all these voter-suppression measures on behalf of the Democrats, more than 70 million US citizens voted for President Trump.

If I was him and saw such evidence of, to put it mildly, election irregularities I would consider it my duty to those 70 million people to fight this out to the end. And I believe you would too.

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