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My New Year’s resolution: no more Mr Science guy

29 December 2020

1:44 PM

29 December 2020

1:44 PM

My New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to go full bore whacko religious on climate change. 

No more Mr Science Guy. No more using reason and real science when debunking climate alarmist voodoo. No more articles appealing to reason, facts and no more debunking of a fake consensus. That means, instead, ridiculing the warped gospel of the Church of Climate Change.

Q: What’s the difference between the Church of Scientology and the Church of Climate Change?  

A: It’s not rationally measurable. 

Both belief systems claim a superior, infallible moral authority. Both impose severe penalties on apostates. In the case of Climatism, the penalties include public vilification and career damage, whether in science, academe, politics, most of the media and in many corporations who have signed up to it. In the case of Scientology dissent provokes intense long term harassment. 

Both try to enforce their belief system aggressively in any society that allows them to thrive. Both of them threaten their critics with derogatory excess. Neither of them tolerate satire and generally lack a sense of humour.

Q: What’s the difference between L Ron Hubbard, the High Priest of Scientology and Al Gore, the High Priest of Climatism? 

A: Hubbard is dead. 

Q: How to challenge those scientists who claim that anthropogenic warming is not proven? 

A: Invite an angry 16-year-old girl to address the Pope, the World Economic Forum, the European Parliament and the UN General Assembly to prophesy the warming apocalypse (8 – 12 years to go) …”I want you to panic” 

Q: How does government forecast negative climate effects in the future? 

A: Appoint a climate prophet (such as wombat expert Tim Flannery). 

Q: How to sell climate change as dangerous? 

A: Show archival photos and videos of raging bushfires, drought-stricken land and overlay text or commentary, blaming it all on climate change.  

Q: How to appear politically pro-active on climate change? 

A: Provide massive subsidies for renewables, enabling rent-seekers to make fortunes.  

Q: If renewables don’t deliver energy when required, what’s to blame for the shortfall? 

A: Climate.   

Q: Why have all global warming models been so badly wrong? 

A: The Church of Climate Change has full confidence in the science. Its science. 

Q: If research data conflicts with the ruling orthodoxy on global warming, what’s the most effective course of action? 

A: Adjust the data. 

Q: How to respond to arguments that question the basis of climate alarmism? 

A: Ignore the arguments, silence the ‘deniers’, demonise scientists who challenge the ruling orthodoxy, preferably have them sacked.  

Q: Even if governments believe that carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming, why do they impose massive disruption on Australia’s economy and energy prices when our emissions total some 1.3% of the world’s total? 

A: The Church of Climate Change is guided by ‘the science’. Its science. 

Q: How do climate sceptics characterise alarmists? 

A: Brainwashed fools. 

Q: How do climate alarmists characterise ‘deniers’? 

A: Evil bastards. 

The International Conference on Climate Change and Humanity will be held  January 07-08, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. It does not seem to feature any stand-up comedians.

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