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The Coate Report: This must never happen again. Really?

22 December 2020

12:25 PM

22 December 2020

12:25 PM

The Spectator Australia is first with the news. We have proved this time and again. Just yesterday, if proof were needed, the report of the Coate Inquiry was handed down and there we were again, months ahead of the mainstream media in announcing the result. How come? Because we brought you the report before it was released and even before it was written.  

The Inquiry, by ex-judge Jennifer Coate, was set up on 2 July 2020 to investigate the disastrous decision of the Andrews government to put untrained private security guards in charge of the COVID-19 quarantine hotels in MelbourneThe probe was supposed to find out what genius set up this botched arrangement that led to the escape of the virus into the wider community and the death of hundreds of innocent victims. In other words, who knew what, and when? 

But we could smell a whitewash when we saw one and our intrepid newshound, Neil Brown, was quick off the mark in exposing it. As early as 29 August,  we ran his prediction of what the Inquiry would come up with, and we can see now that he was pretty close to the mark. 

This is what he knew the Inquiry would report as its grand conclusion: 

So, the security breaches, contaminations and deaths were unfortunate. But with those exceptions, the program worked well. Finally, we come to the question of which ministers and public servants were responsible, but we have no hesitation in saying that the last thing we need is to start playing the blame game. True, the Premier and his ministers did not know if their departments were involved or not, but they were very busy people. The easy decision for the Inquiry would be to blame them; the hard decision is not to blame them or anyone else. We therefore end with a robust conclusion of the sort rarely found by committees of inquiry, that no-one was responsible and no-one should be censured, but this must never happen again.

Sound familiar? 

Here is Brown’s column of 29 August 2020. 

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