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A great president

The free world needs him

30 January 2021

9:00 AM

30 January 2021

9:00 AM

The United States has led the free world for the best part of a century, producing a record number of truly great world leaders, among whom, it can be confidently predicted, objective future historians will unhesitatingly include President Donald Trump.

It was Winston Churchill who not only handed the mantle of world leadership to a hitherto reluctant America, but who also created the special relationship with the United Kingdom, providing crucial war-time support, a reason why he is still so highly regarded in the US.

This regard extended to neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden who were both cavalier in removing his bust from the Oval Office. It was Donald Trump who restored Churchill to his place of honour. These acts have deep meaning and significance.

America’s position is only under challenge today because Beijing has been so generously favoured by successive US administrations. How else could a country which had been so oppressively ravaged by Maoist thugs that within living memory refugees swam through shark-infested waters to reach Hong Kong now be America’s leading economic, technological and military rival? We must not assume that this flows from any naïveté on the part of American politicians.

The communists began by relying on the principle most famously enunciated by Sun Tzu, that the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. They also calculated that they could subdue the enemy through greed. Their strategy, in words attributed to Lenin, was ‘the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them’.

Greed in business is one thing. It is another to use greed to penetrate the very citadel of government. Forget the 6th of January, the Capitol was long ago penetrated by those who noticed that swamp politicians became significantly richer when they entered Congress.

The renowned expert on government accountability, Peter Schweizer, identifies the simple and effective strategy that Beijing adopted. Seek out the political elites and give them commercial deals that were vastly more lucrative than the riches American lobbyists offered. And this happened not only in America. Schweizer adds that, ‘They’ve also done this in Australia…’.

Schweizer says that at least with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, his wife inherited a shipbuilding business before the communists courted them. In the case of Biden, he says, there were no legitimate businesses, they brought ‘nothing to the table, no expertise, no background’.

Little wonder that over the last few decades, a stream of concessions has been made to Beijing, culminating with its lucrative membership of the World Trade Organisation. Successive administrations also went soft on breaches of trade law, currency manipulation and the forced acquisition and theft of valuable intellectual property, while simultaneously ‘managing’ US national decline and the end of manufacturing, usefully supported by the global warming dogma, with the massive loss of US jobs and wage stagnation.

At the same time ‘concern’ would be routinely expressed about horrendous breaches of human rights and international law which culminated with the effective annexation of the South China Sea.  All this, along with the scourge of illegal and at times criminal immigration, was ‘off the table’ in most elections.

But when Trump won the Republican nomination it became clear that this outsider was different. His agenda centred on Making America Great Again, standing up to Beijing, requiring free-loader allies to pull their weight, waging peace not endless wars, restoring manufacturing, stopping illegal immigration, fostering energy independence, aiming for full employment and rising wages, and standing up for First and Second Amendment rights while reining in activist judges who had invented a constitutional right to abort.

Apart from the Republican runner-up, Senator Ted Cruz, no other Washington politician talked about these issues. And from the day of his victory, despite massive daily opposition, both legal and illegal, from the denizens of the swamp and their allies, Trump was unusually determined to fulfil his promises, including moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, something his predecessors promised but failed to fulfil.

His advancement of world peace was so exceptional and unprecedented that I joined with three eminent Australian law professors to nominate Trump for the 2021 Nobel Prize. There could be no more worthy recipient.

Now that Trump’s great achievements are being reversed almost daily by Biden, the agenda is back to managing American decline. This disaster will become obvious to Americans and not only the millions who voted for him. That is why the Left is so terrified of him they are planning a dubious Senate trial. This is both to disqualify him and to terrorise anyone tempted to follow him in draining their revolting swamp.

Trump is entitled to do what Democrats did for four years; challenge the election results. Those who say his behaviour was abhorrent are completely wrong. Indeed, given the mountains of powerful evidence amassed, including the suppression of scrutineers and the open-and-shut case of serious constitutional breaches brought by Texas, he had a duty to challenge.

What should raise everyone’s suspicion is the desperation with which the media suppressed even the existence of this evidence, just as they did with the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Just ask why it was necessary for every report from almost every journalist to qualify Trump’s claims with the blatant lie that they were ‘baseless’ or even ‘evidence-free’? Nor was it wrong for Trump to hope Pence would not see his role as that of a mere rubber stamp and give his imprimatur to highly questionable and clearly unconstitutional votes.

The Chief Justice is reported to be unwilling to preside on the impeachment, wisely so as the Court might well be asked to rule on its constitutionality. Without him there can be no trial and, in any event, a congressional trial of a private citizen, the notorious old English bill of attainder, is constitutionally forbidden.

Trump will forever remain among the greatest of presidents and will be eventually remembered as such by most Americans.

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