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How have we missed Matt Damon’s true hypocrisy?

19 January 2021

1:09 PM

19 January 2021

1:09 PM

Aficionados of the high arts will remember the Matt Damon from the classic Team America, World Police, a moronic member of the ultra-woke FAG (the Film Actors Guild, before you ask), so self-obsessed that he can do nothing but stammer “Matt Damon“.

The self-obsession was on display when he flew into Australia earlier this week on a private jet before entering privately funded quarantine in a compound at — where else but — Byron Bay, ahead of filming yet another of Marvel’s increasingly tendentious superhero films, but that’s standard Hollywood, despite the shrieks of outrage.

What’s been missed, however, has been Damon’s hypocrisy over the private plane.

This woke warrior has gone further since the Team America days.  In 2011 he narrated the climate catastrophist documentary Plan B. The Internet Movie Database kindly supplies a synopsis:

Narrated by Matt Damon, Plan B is a 90 minute documentary based on the book by environmental visionary Lester Brown. Shot on location around the world, the film’s message is clear and unflinching — either confront the realities of climate change or suffer the consequences of lost civilizations and failed states. Ultimately Plan B provides audiences with a glimpse into a new and emerging economy based upon renewable resources as well as strategies to avoid the growing threat of global warming. Appearing with Lester Brown are Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, Pulitzer Prize winner Tom Friedman, former Governor and Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt, along with other scholars and scientists. Locations include: China, Japan, South Korea, India, Italy, Turkey, Bangladesh, Zambia, Haiti, and the U.S.

“Locations include: China, Japan, South Korea, India, Italy, Turkey, Bangladesh, Zambia, Haiti, and the US,” hey? And did the makers travel to each destination Greta-style, by yacht?

The IMDB, alas, is silent on the issue — yet we certainly know Damon is an emissions hypocrite with his private jet flight to Australia.

What’s he got to say for himself?

Probably, to quote Team America, “Matt Damon”.

Readers can find some details of private jet emissions in this piece on the travel choices of those other luvvies, Harry ‘n’ Meghan, from the BBC.

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