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Impeaching the president after he leaves office is unconstitutional

23 January 2021

9:00 AM

23 January 2021

9:00 AM

‘All great world-historic facts and personages appear … twice … the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce’, wrote Marx in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon.

The Reichstag fire, Hitler’s justification for dictatorship, was the greatest tragedy of the 20th century, while Nancy Pelosi used the Capitol riot as the basis for the Republic’s most farcical impeachment. Unlikely to destroy either Trump, the over 70 million band of deplorables or the Make America Great Again campaign, this abuse encouraged the world’s sinister social media cartel to come out of the shadows and reveal its true totalitarian character.

While even Stalin inserted cosmetic due process into his Moscow show trials, Nancy Pelosi rammed through the impeachment in a gross breach of the most minimal standards of due process that would be consistent with any society deemed civilised. A finding of guilt was achieved by inventing guilty intent without a skerrick of evidence, without hearings and without even the representation of the accused. A majority of toadies supported this disgraceful outrage, sickeningly bloated by treacherous Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) who, by their treachery, will earn personal notoriety in the pages of history.

Presented with such a lack of evidence, a grand jury of rank-and-file Americans in fly-over country would instinctively know that they had but one honourable choice; they would be duty-bound to return a ‘no bill’, dismissing the charge.

The single article of impeachment reads like a Reader’s Digest summary of the shamelessly biased ‘reports’ which pose as news in the mainstream media.

Lord Conrad Black is one of the greatest defenders of press freedom, a fact he demonstrated when he owned this journal. When he found himself in strong disagreement with a contributor, the recourse he chose was that of a reader, not a proprietor. He merely wrote a letter to the editor.

Black concludes that about 95 per cent of the American national media has abandoned journalism. They have become, in my view, the propaganda arm of a now far-left Democratic Party. This is one side of a pincer, with the Marxist fronts, the BLM and Antifa, constituting the paramilitary arm.

As to the content of the impeachment article, it consists of vague, empty accusations ‘supported’ by extracts from the propaganda arm. The President is accused of inciting ‘insurrection’ and later ‘violence’ against the US Government which, constitutionally, is himself. It asserts that he repeatedly issued ‘false statements’, claiming that the election results were the product of ‘widespread fraud’.

If this is an impeachable offence, how is it that Pelosi and the article’s self-admitted authors constantly issued similar statements against Trump over four years, alleging Russian collusion with total impunity, allegations that have been shown to be not just false but knowingly fabricated and commissioned from an ex-spy?

To any Australian with the slightest experience of scrutineering, Trump’s assertions of fraud are — in the absence of a powerful rebuttal — true. To any impartial observer, at least one who can find the details which have been suppressed by the mainstream media, the conclusion would be that Trump won in a landslide.

Mrs. Pelosi claims that she had to strip the impeachment of even a soupcon of due process because the President presented ‘a clear and present danger’. She even announced that his access to the nuclear codes would need to be monitored. She did not reveal which target she feared he had in mind.

The judgement of anyone who went along with her deranged fabrications and agreed to a snap impeachment has been shown to be seriously deficient. We have since learned that the day before the riot, the FBI warned that a plan to invade the Capitol had been developed on social media including Twitter, apparently  while CEO Jack Dorsey was looking the other way.

The invasion of the Capitol began 20 minutes before Trump finished speaking, during which he asked his supporters to be peaceful. Prominent insurgents carried arms that it would have been impossible to bring into the Trump rally and acted with a violence that was wholly inconsistent with the behaviour of Trump supporters at any one of the numerous rallies he has held. The very the last thing that Trump would have wanted was a riot since it snuffed out the investigation into allegations of electoral fraud which some constitutional authorities think Vice President Pence had the power to order. In short, intent to commit an offence was patently absent.

To demonstrate her calculated deceit and the foolishness of those persuaded by her incessant caterwauling, once she secured the instant impeachment, she sat on the article as she did in her first impeachment, another farce.

Now we’re told the trial will eventually be held after the inauguration, which is obviously unconstitutional, as expert lawyer Alan Dershowitz has pointed out. If Trump can be impeached after the election, then any private citizen could be impeached.

The real purpose of this travesty is twofold. First, Pelosi wants to disqualify Trump from ever standing again and second, she wants to demonstrate that anyone who tries to drain the swamp will be similarly destroyed. Why? Because the swamp denizens, and their Beijing benefactors, are terrified of Trump and his band of deplorables.

All this is a continuation of the long campaign to overthrow Trump based on the fiction that he colluded with the Russians. To create evidence, they were even prepared to lie to a special court to get permission to wiretap his campaign.

Trump is not one those politicians who goes to the Capitol to become a multi-millionaire, which is now a steal thanks to the ruthless multi-billionaires who run the Chinese Communist Party.

Unlike most politicians, Trump always speaks about real issues which concern rank-and-file Americans. Crucially for Australia and the West, he was the first to stand up to Communist China. On any fair assessment of his many achievements, he is the greatest president since Ronald Reagan.

He honoured more of his promises than do most presidents and he respected the constitutional limits on his office more than most, including the principles of federalism.

The managed decline of the US will now be resumed and a CCP-dominated world more likely, if not inevitable. Australia will be even more in the front line.

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