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Biden is backing climate catastrophists leaving Australia isolated

30 January 2021

9:00 AM

30 January 2021

9:00 AM

In 2019, America recorded the world’s largest decline in energy-related carbon dioxide. But to credit President Trump, would discredit other important Paris Accord signatories, so nothing was said

As Trump’s ideological ally, Australia has been forced to pay a price. That, per capita, we spent 11 times the global average on renewable energy and rolled it out four to five times faster than China, the EU, Japan and the US, matters little at home or abroad.

After all, everyone says Australians are among the world’s worst greenhouse gas emitters who do little to combat climate change. Thanks to this inaction, we are told, the Great Barrier Reef is dying and the country is experiencing more droughts and bushfires. If you disagree with these factoids, you’re labelled a climate change denier whom former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull likens to ‘terrorists’. US broadcaster Bill Nye, ‘the Science Guy’, wants to jail people who question climate change.

Right or wrong, Australia has been branded a climate change pariah. According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, if emissions released from Australia’s coal, gas and oil exports are added to domestic production, they account for five percent of global emissions. On that score, our per capita carbon footprint is four times higher than that of the US, nine times that of China, and 37 times that of India. So, it’s understandable that Prime Minister Scott Morrison was snubbed by organisers of a recent UN summit marking the fifth anniversary of the Paris climate agreement.

The UN has censured Canberra before. We have been condemned for the illegal detention of asylum seekers, for our ‘alarming’ indigenous policies and for the state of our prisons. With a survey finding the number of Australian climate deniers is more than double the global average, Australia, a fossil fuel exporter, is a soft target compared to major emitters like China and India.

Some 75 world leaders attended the summit, including Pope Francis and ‘champions of the Earth’ like Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Many ‘champions’ paraded their ‘transformative impact on the environment’ by pledging ‘carbon neutrality’ by 2050 or 2060, confident that in 30 years, they will not be held to account.

President Xi Jinping certainly had no qualms. As the world’s largest emitter by far, he pledged ‘carbon neutrality before 2060’ even though more than half of China’s energy comes from coal and projects under way, alone, exceed America’s entire coal-fired capacity.

A more circumspect European Commission informed the summit it is on a ‘pathway’ to neutrality by 2050. It’s fiction. The EC knows burning trees or crops (biomass) and replacing them with fresh plantings is not carbon-neutral, that recapturing carbon dioxide through replanting can take decades, that bioenergy can be as bad as fossil fuels for greenhouse gas emissions. Yet with the UN’s blessing, 60 per cent of Europe’s renewable energy comes from burning wood.

At least Vladimir Putin is more candid. While Moscow is a Paris signatory, he has no plans to achieve carbon neutrality before the end of the century. Rather, he’s planning a huge expansion of Russia’s Arctic gas industry.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is on the bandwagon. ‘Australia has to answer to the Pacific,’ she lectures. Yet despite a finding by Auckland University that 80 per cent of islands and atolls are stable or growing, Ardern joined the chorus insisting that the very existence of island nations is threatened by rising sea levels. Canberra has accordingly pledged half a billion dollars to hold back the tide while the UN Green Climate Fund pays millions of dollars to address such fabrications. Talk about taking money under false pretences!

Comrade Ardern, the former president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, is lauded by global elites as a ‘new kind of leader’. Of course, New Zealand’s per capita emissions, which outstripped Australia’s fivefold over the past 27 years, aren’t mentioned. Instead, the focus is on her declaration of a climate change emergency and her commitment to a ‘carbon-neutral government by 2025’, whatever that means?

For the elite, global warming is about seeming not doing, about ideology not fact. Hardly surprising then, that after 28 years and five ‘last chance’ climate action talkfests, global CO2 concentrations have increased by 15.5 per cent.

Rather than laud the benefits of Australia’s clean coal going to China and India, the climate collective portrays last year’s bushfires as retribution for our fossil fuel exports. And instead of being honoured for services to tourism, James Cook University’s Professor Peter Ridd is sacked for daring to demonstrate that global warming is not killing the Great Barrier Reef.

Unlike Poland, which mounted a vigorous pro-coal campaign, Canberra’s strategy is to sign protocols and agreements and to waffle in response to the constant bias of the academy, the Bureau of Meteorology and the left-wing media. When Mr. Morrison agreed to ‘carbon neutrality’ without a target date, the ABC reported that ‘Heatwaves may mean Sydney is too hot for people to live in within decades’.

With the election of President Joe Biden the Australian government risks being politically stranded without a coherent narrative. Indeed, the Prime Minister should not underestimate the fresh energy the US election result is bringing to the climate change movement. By rejoining the Paris Accord and cancelling the Keystone pipeline, Mr Biden and his hardline ‘climate team’ have sent an emphatic message to fellow globalists everywhere that Washington will back the UN’s ‘Great Reset’ initiative using multilateral ‘zero emissions’ agreements to achieve social and economic change.

This is a top-down, autocratic, technocratic strategy, straight out of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. For recalcitrants, trade sanctions await. ‘Deniers’ may well be prosecuted and ‘sceptics’ banned from social media. Inconvenient scientific truths will be cancelled and more climate records re-written. But fear not. The ends justify the means and, as the world submits, we will be reassured that experts know what’s best for us.

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