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The real challenge for the real right

7 January 2021

6:52 PM

7 January 2021

6:52 PM

Many of us have watched with fascination and horror what has been unfolding in the American capital over the past 24 hours. As a Yank living down under, I certainly have been focusing intently on events there. 

Two radical Democrats appear to have won the Georgia runoff elections, putting the US Senate into the hands of the Dems. They and the Republicans now each have 50 senators for the next two years, giving vice-president-elect Kamala Harris the tie-breaking vote. 

Of course, if you rely on the leftist mainstream media you will get a decidedly one-eyed account of what has been happening. The message of the left and their media sycophants has always been the same: ‘Trump and his supporters are evil, dangerous fascists who are a threat to democracy. This protest simply proves that they are out of control, and we must do all we can to make sure they never again are given any power or influence in American political life.’ 

Needless to say I reject that radical spin. Plenty of commentary already exists on what is still unfolding in the nation’s capital. Here I offer some quick thoughts on the situation there, as well as the bigger picture. 

I of course do not endorse or condone violent protests and rioting – whether over election results or for any other reason. 

For four years now the very same folks denouncing what has just happened in Washington have been promoting and excusing and encouraging violent protests over the election results of 2016. Cities have been burning all around the nation, yet the media pretended it was not happening. The lamestream media is of course up to its ears in this hypocrisy, as are far too many others. 

If, as it appears, the radical Democrats (the most radical bunch in US history), now will control the White House and both houses of Congress, we can rightly ask if this is the end of the land of the free and the home of the brave. Can America really survive much longer? 

As such, Never-Trumpers have a lot to answer for. Indeed, they may even have blood on their hands. Those who call themselves conservatives may now rejoice in what they have brought about (ensuring Trump is given the boot), but any shortcomings of Trump will pale in comparison with what we will now witness in the US. Sure, these folks may feel really good about themselves, and pat themselves on the head thinking they have kept themselves politically “pure” – but at what price? 

And any claims by them that they did not want the Dems to get in ring hollow. There were only ever two real choices: these Trump haters with a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome knew full well that if they were going to oppose him in every way possible, there could only be one outcome: a win for the Democrats. There never was some third option. It was Trump or the radical left in charge for the next four years – end of story. 

Let me offer some thoughts on the way forward. While I happen to think that ultimately our problems are primarily spiritual in nature, requiring spiritual solutions, there is much that can be done politically in the days ahead. Let me draw upon one recent piece on this. An article by Edward Welsch on “The Long March Ahead for the Real Right” is worth quoting from: 

Our faux right is used to playing a theatric oppositional role. They have long been the Washington Generals to the left’s Harlem Globetrotters—“beautiful losers,” in Francis’s phrase. The electoral battles are a distraction to the governmental managers—that cadre of the permanent bureaucracy that is called the Deep State—who are eager to drop the pretense of representative government and get back to managing their subjects. 

And manage they do. This new class justifies its position by either magnifying existing threats to the public or inventing them out of whole cloth to keep up demand for their services. A whole slew of scientists, economists, social service workers, and bureaucrats are on hand to save us from the wretchedness of global warming, the calamities of COVID, the perils of white privilege, and the ruin of systemic racism. 

He concludes: 

The therapeutic managerial ideology is based on the idea that the American people, especially the Middle Americans of red states, need to have their mentality reformed. The therapists must root out any last vestige of ethnic preference or resistance to foreign immigration, which, in the case of those of European ancestry, is to be considered racism. This group of social inferiors also need to abandon any commitment to Christian morality, which is   to be called intolerance, particularly resistance to the normalization of homosexuality or of the gender dysfunction known as transgenderism. And they need to drop any resistance to the globalist neoliberal and neoconservative consensus, which sends their jobs overseas and their sons to die in pointless wars abroad. This opposition is to be demonized in the one case as socialist, and in the other as unpatriotic. 

The genie of the managerial revolution is not likely to be put back in its bottle. Fortunately, however, the “woke” anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American ideology that marks our managerial class is not a necessary feature of this revolution. It is there because the cultural right adopted a doctrine of laissez-faire, limited government, while the cultural left went on to seize the reins of power uncontested and to define the managerial elite’s woke ideology. 

This fight is not over—because the real right has not yet begun to fight. If there is to be a single aim for a post-Trump right, it should be to contest the present managerial class’s cultural influence over our society. We must make our own march through the institutions of government and education. With the blessing of Providence, we may be able to expel the “woke” ideology that now divides the American people and to enshrine a new unifying creed: one nation, under God.

May God have mercy on America

Bill Muehlenberg is a Melbourne cultural commentator.


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