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Ah, Daniel Andrews, you’ve done it again

12 February 2021

1:46 PM

12 February 2021

1:46 PM

Melbourne’s famed Brunetti’s pasticcerie turn out the most exquisite pastries and cakes, but their decor resembles that of a Las Vegas brothel. So, in a way, it’s entirely appropriate that their Melbourne Airport Terminal 4 outlet is at the heart of Daniel Andrews’ latest coronavirus clusterf-ck.

The story is known by now, although some facts are disputed. The virus — this time the “hyper-infectious” UK strain — was spread, whether by a nebuliser or not, among quarantine workers at the Holiday Inn at Tullamarine. As numbers grew, a worker with a sweet tooth or simply craving a coffee wandered over to the airport Brunetti’s earlier this week, where they infected a member of the cafe staff.

Now the entire Terminal 4 has been declared a “Tier 1” site and any travellers who passed through on Tuesday between 4.45 am and 2:00 pm must isolate immediately, get tested and stay home for 14 days, regardless of the results — and all of Victoria is going into hard lockdown from midnight tonight.

This time, though, it’s not just a Melbourne matter. Dictator Dan has potentially spread his incompetence — and the UK strain — nationally thanks to the 5,000 or so  innocent souls who used Terminal 4. The impacts of his mismanagement are now likely to be felt far outside Victoria.

Yet again, the already battered hospitality sector is set to get another financial pummelling and will be binning the extra food they bought ahead of all of Sunday’s Valentines Day romantic dinners and Chinese New Year feasts.

Which brings us back to Brunetti’s. They do an ok pizza too.

Perhaps Victorians can take their directions from Dino and sing:

When the shit hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s Dan Andrews.

As the UK strain spreads around the nation, the other states can join in.

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