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Don’t mention ‘breastmilk’, let alone ‘mothers’. It’s oppressive

11 February 2021

1:14 PM

11 February 2021

1:14 PM

Welcome to 2021 where we can no longer talk about “breastfeeding”. The women’s lobby, of course, spent years trying to normalise breastfeeding, smashed through the stigma, and now the left has predictably arrived to eat its own.  

Midwives in the UK have been told to stop using terms including “breastfeeding” and “breastmilk” as part of a new “trans-friendly” policy at a National Health Service trust.  

Biology, facts and truth have been utterly re-written at the new department, which will formally introduce a gender-inclusive language policy.  

The word “mothers” is not to be used.  

Rather, staff are asked to speak about “birthing parents”.  

In place of “breastfeeding”, the centre will use the term “chest feeding”.  

Instead of “breast milk” staff can either refer to “human milk”“chest milk” or “milk from the feeding parent”.  

So, to recap, we spent several decades underlining the importance of mothers, to now scrap all of that and ban the term “mothers”.  

We spent millions of dollars in government funding, all around the world, harping on about dismantling gender stereotypes to now be told, “sorry, nothing to see here, gender doesn’t exist”.  

Quick question: if gender identity is a “source of oppression”, why does the rancid term “toxic masculinity” get a free pass? 

Does anyone else think all of cis is getting out of hand?  

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