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The West secedes – from reality

19 February 2021

4:00 AM

19 February 2021

4:00 AM

Western Australians go to the polls in just over three weeks tomorrow, and despite the recent lockdown flap, Premier Mark McGowan looks unassailable. It’s as if the state has curled up in a coronavirus cocoon, away from anywhere — and anyone — else.

Polling from Essential released earlier in the week suggests that rather than diminishing his government’s standing, the most recent Covd clampdown has enhanced it.

While South Australian’s Steven Marshall has also had a good pandemic, McGowan is streets ahead of most Premiers.

Essential has another table, too, that points to positives for McGowan.

Its conclusion is clear: a majority of people think their state leaders have demonstrated better leadership qualities throughout the Covid-19 pandemic than the Prime Minister — but wait until you see how heavily the results skew in the West.

Elsewhere, Essential reports that nearly two-thirds of Australians agree with the proposition “I  want things to return to how they were before the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Nine per cent somewhat or strongly disagree. Are they all corona-crazed Sandgropers, ready to follow Marshal Mark into a brave new world where WA stands against the world?

The West might be seceding from reality, but McGowan appears guaranteed to have a stonking win.

Stand by for what happens then. If the isolationism continues, it will put real strains on the fabric of our federation.

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