Watch: Boris on the problem with journalists

24 February 2021

12:02 AM

24 February 2021

12:02 AM

What’s the phrase? Poacher turned gamekeeper? Boris Johnson was once the arch poacher — a journalist at the Telegraph before taking on the editorship of Mr S’s own illustrious publication. Now it seems Mr Johnson has discovered what it feels like to be at the other end of public scrutiny. 

On a press trip to a south London school, the PM mourned the fact journalists are ‘always abusing or attacking people’. Instead, he explained to a slightly bemused school child, that ‘a lightbulb went off in [his] mind’ and that instead, he decided to give politics a go. Nothing to do with childhood dreams of being ‘world king’ eh? 

WATCH: Boris Johnson on journalists, and why he left journalism.

Quite a clip this…@ITVNewsPolitics

— Daniel Hewitt (@DanielHewittITV) February 23, 2021

Still, Mr S picked up more than a hint of sadness in Johnson’s reminiscing over his former career. Perhaps he misses the chance to give a few of his cabinet colleagues a good kicking…

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