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March of anger is a political power play, nothing more

15 March 2021

5:33 PM

15 March 2021

5:33 PM

Today, thousands of people took part in 40 planned rallies across Australia, supposedly to demand action on “violence against women”.  

But, here’s the truth… 

This March 4 Justice has nothing to do with equality.  

It’s not about tackling violence.  

It’s not about “misogyny”. 

It’s purely about playing politics.  

If it were honestly, truly and sincerely about finding actual solutions to very real problems, organisers would not have snubbed the Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s invitation to the table inside the corridors of power.

In what bizarre world would you refuse the invitation to sit down and have a 1-1 conversation with the leader of this country? 

The answer to that is simple: a world where you have zero respect for the Prime Minister because your ideology has brainwashed you to believe that all men are evil abusers. 

It’s an ideology that’s been generously publically funded – and the millions of dollars poured into fuelling the gender wars have worked, the numbers today is clear evidence of that.

Travelling to Canberra, waving placards and yelling abuse at the government is not going to fix anything.  

A one on one discussion might indeed have succeeded in taking a step forward. 

But don’t pretend you’re in Canberra to demand action, when you’ve already refused to take the first step of action. 

Your motives are voicing rage, nothing more.  

Don’t pretend you’re pushing for “independent investigations into all cases of gendered violence”, when you’re only interested in smashing a Liberal government, but didn’t speak up when questions were raised about former Labor leader Bill Shorten.  

Don’t pretend that Morrison stepping out to “listen to the voices of women” is more important than sitting at a table for an honest conversation about creating a plan of action with people who can actually make it happen.  

When Lisa Wilkinson sat on The Sunday Project last night, shaking with rage when asked why she thought the coalition government would not step out to join the March 4 Justice, she replied, “Two words … Christian Porter”.  

And there’s the giveaway. Virtually every single word today has been purely about creating political damage 

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