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Nicolle Flint slimer apologises to women - with one notable exception

20 March 2021

3:05 PM

20 March 2021

3:05 PM

It’s not nine months since ABC radio host and Adelaide Sunday Mail columnist Peter Goers tipped a bucket of sexist slime over Bootbhy MP Nicolle Flint, but he appears to have forgotten all about it, even despite this week’s events in Canberra.

Goers has written an “I should have marched” column this weekend, bewailing his laziness in failing to and join the March 4 Justice on Monday.

Men spend their lives trying to understand women and we never do. That’s a cop-out. However, the need for justice and absolute equality for women is completely understandable, way overdue and essential. Until this is achieved, men are failing not only women but ourselves…

I don’t do enough.

I should’ve marched… I should’ve marched for every single mother I’ve ever known. I should’ve marched for every woman who’s been sexually harassed.

I should’ve marched for my own mother…

And? And? And? Where’s the Flint reference? Where’s the apology for his disgraceful remarks there?

The closest we get is these eight words: “I’ve been sexist. I’m part of the problem”, eight words that effectively say nothing.

Goers’ column begins “If you ever doubt the repression of women, remember former prime minister Tony Abbott made himself the minister for women and there was only one woman in his 19-person cabinet. That’s recent history.”

In other words, among all the “I should’ves” in aid of women, it appears Peter Goers is still very clearly reserving his right to abuse anybody for their politics. There’s not the slightest sign of repentance for his sexist mockery of Flint.

So forget his “should’ves”. They’re past tense, anyway. Perhaps Goers should be writing “I should admit I’m a hypocrite”.

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