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Quotas are trash

26 March 2021

11:30 AM

26 March 2021

11:30 AM

I’m sorry, but being in possession of a pair of chest-feeders should not double as a political qualification. 

There is nothing more insulting to the integrity of women in the workforce than gender quotas. They are poison – an infection that has spread out of academia, swept through the corporate world and spilt into our political system. Instead of doing something productive, these institutions spend all day congratulating themselves about the physical attributes of their staff. It is a pattern of behaviour that reduces women to points in their sick little ‘Virtue Olympics’ which does nothing but re-enforce the stigma that women are not capable of achieving without the help of the fraternal Big State. 

Race quotas. Gender quotas. Sexual orientation quotas… Every year they get harder to implement (or even make sense of) when you have public figures identifying as different races for Instagram likes, genders that change depending on how you feel, and over a thousand potential sexual orientations that can be cycled through while you’re having a coffee. 

To put it bluntly, quotas are trash. In the fish tank of ideas, they represent that thin film of scum that sits underneath the pebbles where the snails can’t reach. If you attempt to feed off this grime, you are self-identifying as bacteria – not a big fish. 

Quotas are born out of a fundamental ideological difference between the left and right of politics. 

‘Equality’ to the right means ‘equality of opportunity’. Citizens are given the same set of rules to play by and civilisation is allowed to arrange itself depending on the skills and preferences of individuals. Freedom, by its very nature, produces unequal statistical outcomes. That is how it should be. It is not a problem that needs to be solved, but rather an indication that people are moving through society how they wish. These disparities are not stable and will fluctuate depending on fashion and culture during the natural evolution of society. 

‘Equality’ to the left means ‘equality of outcome’. It is a draconian system of thought which forces equality by implementing tyranny, creating real victims of discrimination in the process. Communist regimes specialise in this sort of spreadsheet-feminism where they quote the equal representation of women in their institutions as a virtue, while leaving out the bit that they were marched there under threat. 

Coerced employment outcomes represent a deeper evil in politics. 

The collectivist left needs to dismantle the family unit in order to secure the supremacy of the State. When women choose domestic roles in the workforce or voluntarily take time out to raise children, it violates the collectivist narrative. Biological differences hold families together. Strong family units who own private assets terrify a collectivist because not only is this the first building block of democracy, it ensures that people love each other, not the interests of the State. 

Watching conservative politicians buy into the idea of quotas is not just embarrassing, it is frightening. We are governed by people who do not understand the serious political currents driving the culture wars. Australia is being dragged out to sea while Scott Morrison stands on the shore waving back at us instead of calling for a few lifeguards in budgie smugglers to come to our rescue. 

“We tried it the other way and it isn’t getting us the results we would like to see.” 

Scott Morrison is wrong. Merit is not something that political parties have tried in earnest. Both sides are run by factions who make appointments based upon a wide range of attributes that rarely include merit. As a result, these parties are collapsing under decades of incestuous promotions and cardboard cut-out ministers. Their weakness of character allows the press to wield more influence than the dictate of an election. 

The truth is, politics has been a depraved institution for a long time. Even the least dangerous members appear to see their taxpayer-funded service as an interview for a career in a foreign bureaucracy. Portfolios are traded like Pokémon cards rather than important responsibilities. Look at Matt Kean, straddling Energy and the Environment in New South Wales when those portfolios should be in competition, not a parasitic relationship. 

This landscape made it possible for the #March4Justice mob to weaponize victimhood as a shortcut to political power. 

Instead of military coups, the West has professional activists on speed dial with a set of demands just vague enough that they execute political figures without fixing society. Canberra has no intention of cleaning up its act because it suits everyone to claw their way to the top via sex, money, and favour. It is the Hollywood casting couch except that it costs money instead of generating it via popcorn blockbusters. This explains why journalists and politicians squirrel away dirt on each other, only tossing it into the ring when the witch trials start. If any of these people actually cared about the safety of women, allegations would have been made public immediately – not months and years later by suddenly concerned third parties. 

The problem with Scott Morrison is that his reactionary instincts are bad. When he is put on the spot in a press conference, he makes disastrous gaffs. The left know this and they play him, pushing the Prime Minister into nightmare positions as if he were a piece of driftwood. Does he genuinely believe in quotas? Who knows. He seems to believe in whatever will look best on tomorrow’s broadsheet. 

Australians are not stupid. They know that bad behaviour is not an argument for flooding the building with a random bulk order of high heels. Enforce proper security procedures and promptly fire unprofessional jerks. Done. 

We can only speculate as to why it is always the least qualified female politicians who speak out in favour of quotas. They all begin their defence of quotas by making absolutely sure that they are not perceived as a quota themselves. How many times have you heard, “I am not here on a quota but…” But – what? Do they wish other women to face a career where they can never be respected as anything other than a tick on a spreadsheet? 

The Labor Party have been playing the quota game publicly for so long that their female MPs start every sentence with a declaration of merit. At least this shows that they are conscious of the quota system harming their reputation. Mind you, the Labor Party only embraces gender quotas when it suits their factional politics – that’s why neither Bill Shorten nor Anthony Albanese sport a pair of tits. 

According to the Financial Review, Labor MP Anika Wells bucked the trend and came out to say that she was a proud beneficiary of Labor’s twenty-five year campaign for gender equality. Admitting to being a quota is a bit like confessing that you sat your final exam with Google open. It is an embarrassment, not an accomplishment. 

You might want to glue your eyes in place to stop them from rolling. 

“The benefit of quotas is that they force powerful people in the party to look around, survey the landscape and plan these things years ahead.” Wells went on, “Merit looks different to everybody. Quotas help women and other groups to get over systemic discrimination.” 

What rot. If women want to be in politics they have to be the scary people in the room. It is on them to force their way in the door by out-competing the blokes, otherwise quota women end up as nothing more than pawns to the same powerful people who pull the strings right now. By supporting quotas Wells is endorsing a system of oppression that actively discriminates, denying people jobs because they have the wrong bits between their legs. 

If society wants more women in politics then they have to stop brainwashing them into believing that they are born as victims. Do not separate women out of the pack and coddle them in special courses and groups that confirm the stigma of their fragility. We do not need parliamentary training courses for young women to ‘teach them how to take up the space to which they are entitled’ – we need to have women thrown into the pit with men from the start where they can battle for their place. The women who emerge from this process will be better role models, better MPs, and unquestioned in their qualification for office. 

Personally, I would love to sit back and see this social justice intersectional quota civil war taken to its natural conclusion. What line would the #MeToo activists take if Parliament was comprised of 100% biological men but 50% of them identified as women? 

Now that would be stunning and brave. 

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at Ko-Fi.

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