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A Christian believes he is doing God’s work? Well stop the presses and hold the front page

27 April 2021

11:00 AM

27 April 2021

11:00 AM

Two things happened last Tuesday involving religion. See if you can guess which one caused Leftists’ heads to explode

Last Tuesday the Islamic Republic of Iran was appointed to the UN’s peak women’s rights body. Also, Australia’s Prime Minister addressed a group of Christians on the Gold Coast. 

Now if you imagined that having a misogynistic regime – one that jails women for not wearing a hijab, bans them from singing and prevents them from travelling abroad without their husband’s permission — appointed to the Commission on the Status of Women caused even a peep of protest from the Left, you’d be mistaken.

No. The Left’s fury was reserved entirely for the PM who dared to say that he believed he was doing God’s work. 

“Scott Morrison tells Christian Conference he was called to do God’s work as Prime Minister,” wailed the headline in The Guardian, provoking readers to vent their outrage on social media.

 Far from outraged, I was trying to work out how this was even news.

A Christian believes he is doing God’s work? Well stop the presses and hold the front page! 

The media might as well have reported that the Pope is Catholic.

If a Christian PM said he didn’t believe he was doing God’s work, then that would be news. 

And if the PM said he believed he was doing the devil’s work, well then that would definitely be news. And likely cheered by the Left. Which would not be news. 

Speaking of the devil, Scott Morrison told pastors at the Australian Christian Churches National Conference that while social media has its uses, it “can also be used by the evil one”. 

Every parent who has ever worried about the influence of social media on their children — by which I mean every parent — said “Amen. Preach it PM!” 

But the Left, who view humanity as a virus destroying the environment and so have given up on having children, were left with nothing to do but mock the PM for referencing the devil. 

The Left are funny like that.

Design “Satan Shoes” containing a drop of human blood in the sole, as rapper Lil Nas X did, and you’re an edgy artist. But mention Satan to Christians at a Christian conference, as Scott Morrison did, and you’re, well, the devil.

The Left are scared of the devil because he represents the personification of evil — a force which they do not and cannot believe in. If evil exists then some problems are beyond the State’s power to fix. And that makes the State’s continual quest for unlimited, god-like power to fix every human ill look, well, evil. But I digress.

Just as he’d talk tech talk at a conference of supercomputer developers and weather and crop prices while out on the land, Morrison talked God-talk to the pastors.

The PM went on to tell the conference that when visiting disaster zones he sometimes says a silent prayer for people as he hugs them. He called it “laying hands on people” which, to the uninitiated sounds strange, but to Christians is a well-known term that simply means to place your hand on the person you are praying for. 

Now a sane person would prefer to know that when the PM is hugging them he is thinking “God bless” rather than thinking “God, not another loser who wants a hug”.

But the insane Left reacted by accusing the PM of praying for people without their consent.

That’s how unhinged the Left are. They demand that you get people’s consent before you are allowed to even think good thoughts about them!

And if the soulless Left don’t believe in the power of prayer, what do they suppose happens when someone prays? 

Nothing, obviously.

So the Left were upset at the PM for thinking a prayer they didn’t know about and that had no effect on a person they’d never met.

Lord, help them. (Consent was neither sought nor given in the praying of that prayer. Sue me.)

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