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How about some right-minded activism in schools?

22 April 2021

6:20 PM

22 April 2021

6:20 PM

Fans of Geraldine Massey’s What’s Woke this Week columns know the woke world coughs up absurdities so ludicrous they’re funny.

These are, however, unfunny when they infiltrate the impressionable minds of our young, especially in their primary education.

In Sydney, a ‘progressive public school’, the oddly-named Lindfield Learning Village, has been criticised by One Nation MLC and Spectator columnist, Mark Latham, for teaching social studies with a slant to the woke and politically correct.  Latham highlighted a poster-making exercise allowing students to extol the Marxist and anti-capitalist Black Lives Matter movement, and parrot BLM messages about ingrained racism and police brutality against non-white people.

The school reportedly insisted this wasn’t teaching content, but a student brain dump of what they had heard about BLM, and all that has flowed from it, before they commenced studying ‘recent Aboriginal history’ – no doubt with a Critical Race Theory and pro-BLM foundation.

Following parental and public outrage, the NSW education minister, Nationals MP Sarah Mitchell, intervened and the offending materials were withdrawn, with the school undertaking to never do it again.  Until next time.

Mitchell was scathing. ‘Any teacher found to be politicising a classroom will face disciplinary action…Political activism has no place in a school’, she said.

The thing is, she’s wrong.  Political activism does have a place in a school.

Activists push against the established intellectual and social order.  They seek to overturn and replace prevailing values and institutions.  They are anti-establishment insurgents.

The sort of value statements contained in the BLM-linked exercise in Lindfield are not activism.  They’re the Green Left, gender-fluid, institutional and unconscious racism orthodoxy now prevailing across our media and intelligentsia. The values of the New Establishment.

Surely what children of Lindfield, and across our nation, need is some Right-minded activism that challenges the humbugs, shibboleths and outright lies of the zeitgeist Left before it’s too late.

Activism promoting the legitimacy of the traditional extended family.

Activism saying it’s legitimate to believe gender is biological and binary, and that while some people transition from one gender for another, you are either one or the other.

Activism saying our democracy and its institutions – including the police and armed forces – are the bedrock of our society, and a capitalist market economy is the bedrock of our prosperity.

Activism celebrating patriotism and national pride.

Activism saying government should not be assumed the solution to all life’s ills.

Activism stating our predominantly Western social, cultural and political heritage is nothing to be ashamed of, and it has done far, far more good on our continent than bad.

Activism asserting views different to one’s own should be respected, and their holders not cancelled.

And activism proclaiming a person is free to speak and act as he wishes, as long as he takes responsibility for himself and avoids harming others.

The Jesuit mantra, ‘give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man’, is embraced by the radical Left’s educational theorists and curriculum-setters.  It is those of us in the centre and centre-Right mainstream who are afraid to speak out, who fail to promote and defend our values and beliefs against the woke onslaught that has gained so much momentum in these troubled times.

The right sort of activism in schools? Bring it on!

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