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NSW, home of white privilege

Why is the Berejiklian government indoctrinating children with discredited racist theories?

3 April 2021

9:00 AM

3 April 2021

9:00 AM

If Prince Harry were to take part in the unbearably woke ‘privilege walk’ to which hapless employees around the Western world are currently being subjected by their employers, including those currently staffing our own Office of the Governor-General, the prince might find that he is not quite the victim he claims to be.

In fact, he would discover that he has much in common with a fellow red-head who happens to feature in an abominable Channel 4 documentary made last year called The School that Tried to End Racism. In one particular activity, our flame-haired schoolboy is taken with his excitable classmates to the school field where they are told that they will soon compete in a running race. This is just the kind of thing that children generally like to do, so they jump up and down in excited anticipation.

Unfortunately, their enthusiasm is soon squashed by a group of social justice warriors masquerading as teachers, who inform the children that they will have to answer a series of loaded questions before dashing madly across the field. The more steps they take backwards, the less ‘privileged’ they are supposed to be. And because our pale, freckly, ginger kid is fortunate enough to have been raised in a stable home environment, has never gone hungry and is about as far away from being BAME(black/asian/minority ethnic) as could be, he ends up being closest to the finish line and thus wins the race.

He is, however, reluctant to celebrate his victory because the burden of white privilege is already weighing so heavily on his childish shoulders that he almost bursts into tears. A few years ago, this boy would have been the target of discrimination on the basis of his hair colour. He would have been told that his ‘ginger gene’ was a curse, that he did not possess a soul, and that he was evil. It seems that yesterday’s victim has become today’s racist, privileged oppressor.

Unfortunately, this kind of rot is being drip-fed to schoolchildren in New South Wales, thanks to an initiative of the Education Department entitled ‘Racism. No Way!’ While it bills itself as ‘Anti-racism education for Australian schools’, the reality is that this project has turned the classroom into a highly politicised environment in which children are being taught that both Australia’s history, as well as its institutions are racist. They are being told that white people should feel guilty about the colour of their skin.

The lessons, which claim to ‘develop the foundation knowledge and skills needed to counter racism, prejudice, and discrimination’ have been designed to be taught across all areas of the New South Wales curriculum. They have been inspired by the writings of a radical American activist-teacher who has based her entire career on the offensive notion that all white children are born racist and that the only ‘cure’ for this racism comes in the form of ‘unconscious bias’ training, which has long since been discredited.

According to the luminaries behind ‘Racism. No Way!’, training cannot start too early, so they have developed a series of anti- prejudice classroom activities for kindergarten children. In ‘Understanding Prejudice’ they are read Dr Seuss’s The Sneetches and then asked to discuss ‘discrimination which exists between the two groups as well as its effects’. Barely out of nappies, these children are being invited to hold forth on bigotry. This particular activity, however, might need to be reconsidered given the recent cancellation of Dr Seuss on the ironic grounds that his books are turning children into racists.

While the four-year-olds are undergoing anti-prejudice training, their ten-year-old counterparts are being introduced to Critical Race Theory. In ‘Racist Behaviour’ their teachers explain that ‘sometimes it’s hard to recognise racism, especially if you’re not the target’ and that ‘racism is a policy or system of government and society based upon it’.This is further confirmed in ‘Institutional Racism’, where teenagers are required to ‘identify, define and consider effects of institutional racism’. In ‘National Symbols’ hatred of this country is further instilled as students are asked to consider if the Australian flag is still appropriate for Australia in 2021.

By the time they reach secondary school, it is all about ‘white privilege’. In the lesson ‘Got White Privilege?’, students watch a film called How white privilege works which is made in the US and features a feisty woman of colour explaining that from the moment a white person is born, they are afforded certain privileges. Using a mixture of Monthy Python-style animation and ludicrous backdrops such as the Scarlett O’Hara dressing scene from Gone With the Wind (presented as historical fact) to illustrate white privilege, the presenter goes on to explain in hip millennial-speak that being white leads to a sense of entitlement. ‘One thing is consistent,’ she says, ‘if you’re white, society be like “you be out here winning”….’ (Translation: if you’re white, society makes sure you always win.) One of the many unsubstantiated claims in the film is that ‘white privilege is an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in every day’. Another is that white privilege ‘kills black people’.

One of the activities for Years 9 and 10 is to put together a ‘privilege sale list’ so that they can ‘achieve an understanding of privilege and oppression’. This is simply a rehash of the aforementioned ‘privilege walk’ dreamt up by author Peggy McIntosh, a well-off white woman who penned the infamous 1989 essay White Privilege: Unpacking the invisible Knapsack.

If you think this is bad, spare a through for parents in Anchorage where a new School’s District Equity and Compliance Officer has put together a reading list which not only includes Robin diAngelo’s ubiquitous White Fragility but also Antiracist Baby, by Ibram X. Kendi, which is aimed at parents of new-borns to three-year-olds. This book prides itself on being a guide to indoctrinating your baby in Critical Race Theory and moulding your child into a political activist, and all before they can talk or walk.

This blatant politicisation is equivalent to child abuse and is the corruption of the innocent. Four-year-olds should not be subjected to anti-bias training; they should be learning to write their names and playing in the sandpit. The malleable minds of teenagers should not be infected with destabilising Critical Race Theory and lunatic notions of ‘white privilege’. The NSW Education Minister must do everything in her power to protect children from this dangerous and divisive ideology by ensuring that it is no longer taught in our schools.

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Dr Bella d’Abrera is the Director, Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Institute of Public Affairs.

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