Stacey Abrams tells London: yes we Khan

1 April 2021

6:09 AM

1 April 2021

6:09 AM

Sadiq Khan is all set to win by a landslide in London, so why not allow a failed election candidate a moment or two in the sun? Mr S was intrigued to see Georgian Democrat Stacey Abrams pop up on his timeline this afternoon in a classic Twitter ‘Get out the vote’ campaign message.

Steerpike suspects there aren’t many political anoraks in London who have actually heard of the onetime gubernatorial nominee who aren’t already registered to vote but was more interested in Abrams’ call for Londoners to cast a postal vote in May’s mayoral race. Coming from a state long bedevilled by allegations of postal fraud, who better to front up a campaign for mail in ballots?

“I know a thing or two about elections and democracy – and I know that every vote counts.”

Postal votes helped beat Trump in the US, and they can help us beat the Tories here in London.

Thanks @staceyabrams for your support! 🙌🏾


— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) March 31, 2021

Abrams told viewers that: ‘I know a thing or two about elections and democracy and I know every single vote counts.’ Given she lost her last race by some 54,723 votes and then refused to accept the result, Abrams does indeed know a thing or two about the fickle nature of democracy. But does she know much about London?

Judging from her video, the answer is: probably not. Despite City Hall’s £500 million Covid black hole, a rising crime rate, the loss of the GLA’s premises and a clown car of candidates, Abrams blithely claimed that ‘London’s mayoral election is about building a brighter future for all Londoners after the pandemic. A more inclusive and equal future where all Londoners have the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential…. just like I’ve always fought for a fairer future for my home state of Georgia, Sadiq is fighting for a brighter future for London.’

Then again, as a former pseudonymous erotic novelist, Mr S suspects it’s not the first time Abrams has been forced to embellish a sordid tale.<//>

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