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Vaccines should be available to all & mandatory for none

Health fascism must be stopped

24 April 2021

9:00 AM

24 April 2021

9:00 AM

The sheep spends its life fearful of the wolf and is grateful for the shepherd’s protection, only to be eaten or sold for slaughter by him. The world is being run by a gaggle of obsessive-compulsive hypochondriacs ‘maskerading’ as epidemiologists who have terrified billions into state-dependent compliance. Taking the jab threatens to become a performative rite of passage into eternal dystopia. On 25 January, Dr Anthony Fauci told NBC News it’s ‘common sense’ that two masks double the protection against coronavirus. If one layer offers zero protection, he’s mathematically correct. This simpleton has the ear of Joe Biden who periodically reappears in public in a mask months after vaccination. Boris Johnson dons a mask even after having had a severe case of Covid and having been vaccinated.

There are multiple grounds for vaccine hesitancy. Many worry about the revolutionary new mRNA technology and the haste with which the vaccines have been developed and approved. Human beings are healthier today and living longer than ever. Technological breakthroughs enabling mass immunisation against some of the deadliest diseases were key contributors to extended life expectancy everywhere. A vast new frontier may well open up in time to exploit the ability to splice and sequence genes. However, rushed approvals before completing the normal safety trials and exemptions from liability heighten concerns. The possibility of billion-dollar lawsuits helps to concentrate the mind of pharmaceutical firms. Nothing is known of the long-term dangers of the new vaccines. Even in the short term, Rebecca Weisser noted (10 April), deaths are alarmingly higher than other vaccines in recent history. So far this year one Australian death has been linked to Covid. There’ve been three Australian cases of thrombosis linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine, of whom one died. No amount of public assurance from officials will assuage these concerns against the mounting confusion. It’s banned for under-50s in most countries, for all in a few, for the frail and elderly in Norway. On 14 April, Denmark suspended AstraZeneca jabs for everyone, following Switzerland’s example from February. The European Union, United States and Canada have paused the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. In January Germany limited AstraZeneca to those under 65 and France followed on 2 February, before reversing course on 19 March to limit it to over-55s. Pace Ronald Reagan: ‘I’m from the government, she’s from Big Pharma, he’s from Big Tech. We are here to help.’

Public trust in the health bureaucrats and scientists is starting to wobble. One justification for the emergency authorisation is the lack of existing treatments against the new coronavirus. Yet many countries have been unduly restrictive in banning inexpensive and plentifully available preventative and early treatment remedies such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. These do not guarantee success and cannot match the vaccine’s positive trajectory, but do seem to reduce hospitalisation and deaths. Dizzying U-turns, constantly shifting goalposts, confused messaging from top officials and institutions on masks, herd immunity, pre-2019 pandemic plans, retractions of studies published in the top medical journals, censorship by the media and Big Tech have raised doubts that ‘authorities’ know what they are doing.

This is exacerbated by the divergence of real world data from epidemiological modelling. ‘Experts’ have been left scratching their heads at the surges in strict lockdown states like California and Michigan and lack of surges in opened-up states like Florida and Texas. In instituting hard lockdowns of entire populations, authorities ignored the age-segregated Covid risks. With vaccines, they’ve finally been forced to confront age-differentiated risks and benefits including, hallelujah, the balance of risks and benefits. Harsh restrictions were justified to ‘flatten the curve for three weeks’ to protect health systems but continued as the goal changed quietly to virus eradication. Because this is impossible, vaccines signposted as the exit ramp from all restrictions are now merely another milestone on the highway of safetyism.

The combination of limited efficacy, temporary shielding from severe and deadly affliction, the different age-related cost-benefit calculus and the slight but real risks of harmful side-effects, cumulatively mean there’s zero justification for compulsory vaccination certificates. A vaccine so safe we must be coerced to take it, for a disease so deadly many must be tested to know they have it? According to Worldometers, only 0.6 per cent of the currently active 18.2 million cases are ‘serious or critical’. The vaccine should be made available to all but mandatory for no one. Vaccine passports are divisive and discriminatory. Over 1,000 Christian leaders in Britain have signed an open letter warning that vaccine passports will lead to ‘medical apartheid’. Under ‘no circumstances’ will they close their church doors to those without one. Dozens of hospitality firms have said they will not force customers to show certificates. Because of the precedent-setting importance, vaccine passports could mark the crossing of the final frontier into a dystopia with no exit. They make illness a crime, amount to health fascism and risk normalising and institutionalising the techno-bureaucratic model of state authoritarianism imported from China. If masks and social distancing worked, we wouldn’t need vaccines. If vaccines are efficacious, there’s no need to continue with masks, social distancing and quarantines. ‘Experts’ now say the possibility of ever more terrible new variants (‘scariants’) requires the indefinite continuation of supplementary precautionary measures like masks, no intermingling, constant testing, quarantines for international travel, etc.

The real question remains: what is the level of risk we are prepared to accept as a free society of responsible citizens? The alternative leads to a nation of fearful hypochondriacs, the loss of liberty with the state controlling family and social interactions and domestic and international travel. Far from freeing us from Covid tyranny, if not resisted, vaccine passports could expand and entrench the biosecurity surveillance state. I’ve had every vaccine recommended for travel to various destinations around the world, including some very high-risk ones indeed. With family spread around the world, if an annual Covid vaccine liberated me to travel anywhere with no further requirement for testing, masking, quarantining, etc., fine. On 15 April, Scott Morrison said vaccinated Australians will be permitted (note the normalisation of state control once again) to travel abroad ‘for important purposes’, subject to home quarantine on return. His illiberal instinct triumphs over common sense. Count me out. How can the vaccine be essential if being vaccinated makes no difference to living a normal life? The carrot has lost its pulling power for this particular donkey.

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