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We can’t consent to this traducing of the law

6 April 2021

6:04 PM

6 April 2021

6:04 PM

Anyone who denies that the push by activists to redefine consent is politically motivated is either naïve or a liar.  

If you’re a left-wing activist seeking to capitalise on the politics of fear and call on police to take more action, it’s obvious which state you’d go for.  


So, it was little surprise to read over Easter that university student Chanel Contos is attempting to get Victoria Police to launch a new system. 

This, hot on the heels of New South Wales’ Operation Vest,  a reporting system that will enable women to report offenders without going through the actual legal system.  

Consent activist Contos is now pushing for a new system where sexual assault complaints can be lodged anonymously online.  

What could possibly go wrong?  

The Age reports, “Ms Contos’ push is designed to provide an avenue for reporting experience of some of the more than 5000 young people, including many Victorians, who came forward with graphic testimonies of sexual assault…” 

And here’s the really alarming sentence we need to zoom in on. 

“It’s important our society has a way to hold people accountable for their actions without sending them to jail,” Contos said.  


Is she suggesting gendered gulags, perhaps? 

The way we, as a liberal democracy actually functions, is precisely that people are held accountable through the legal system.  

Not through some kind of parallel set-up.  

Not through gendered-biased ideology. 

And not through gender gulags. 

Contos says, “There is an epidemic of sexual assault amongst school children in Australia.” 

We know this is simply not true.  

More truthfully, there is an epidemic of ill-informed activists who are seeking to capitalise on the currency of fear.  

Enough of this absolute rot.  

There is no epidemic. 

And there should be no parallel reporting system established to ruin lives through anonymous — and potentially defamatory — gossip.  

Where is the government pushing back on this ideological crap? 

If someone is assaulted, they should go to the police and pursue proceedings with the full force of the law.  

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