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Generation Z: Stalin’s little helpers

11 May 2021

5:06 PM

11 May 2021

5:06 PM

Gen Z are the source of Cancel Culture. They are the generation that pride themselves on a heightened state of moral purity which they advertise by engaging in an arms race of silence, employing ever more sophisticated attacks on their peers with the express purpose of making people disappear. 

Their antics have turned 2021 into a crucible of social fear that make the mannerisms and conventions of 18th Century England look like a debauched Roman orgy. It is no longer enough to passively accept the new activist agenda, citizens must actively affirm the radical fringe or risk being hounded out of their jobs by similarly terrified people – none of whom actually believe in the dogma of the minority. 

While pretending to fight against oppression in public, in private Gen Z are the ones who get an emotional kick out of silencing people they do not like. It is the consequence of a life lived without achievement or discipline. Having no pride in their own work, they seek gratification from the cheapest possible activity – bullying. It is not entirely their fault. They have completed their education with no debating skills, no patience, no ethics, and no maturity – it is no surprise that their way of engaging with the world is so primitive. 

Many people put this behaviour down to bad parenting, but it probably has more to do with years of indoctrination within the school system, which has focused on turning children into Marxist activists instead of intelligent young people. In a way, it is a cult of narcissism where children are taught that they are the most important thing in the world. Only their ideas matter and only their words deserve protection. 

‘Children are raised by the village’. 

It is the standard Marxist response to concerned parents and a deliberate misreading of human social reality. While it is true that many members of civilisation assist in the upbringing of children, it is not true that they usurp the role of parents as the dominant influence in a child’s life. ‘Raised by the village’ is a polite way of saying, ‘raised by the state’ – a far less palatable reality for anyone who remembers the Communist and Socialist nations who fashioned children into tools of war. 

Children raised by the state lose the essential framework of social responsibility to their family and instead serve the interests of politicians and political movements above their loved ones. The state does not love anything except itself creating an unbalanced, cruel affection in which citizens are locked into emotional slavery with a bureaucracy that diligently plots their death. 

Democracies were originally founded by the coalition of influential families who held more power than the state. This meant that politicians could not form a dictatorship against the unified interest of families. It was a similar situation to the nobles and lords of Europe, whose favour royals had to court in order to maintain their rule. The architects of collectivist regimes have read their history. Removing the influence of parents while subtly starting an ageist class divide through youth activist movements has brought the West the bones of collectivism by stealth. 

With the family structure in decline, they turned their attention to dismantling equality under the law. True equality relies on individualism, while any kind of class warfare has to reduce individuals to warring collectives who seek ‘collective justice’ through the persecution of innocent people. For example, you cannot accuse white people living today of historic injustices because as individuals, they have done nothing wrong. In a truly fair justice system, there is no case to answer. 

Instead, collectivist movements reduce individuals to a single attribute and then assign guilt based upon the actions of any individual within the history of that collective. It easy to use this lie to incite the anger of the mob to either oppress the group or exploit money from them. The same is true with modern gender politics which demonise all men to promote the careers of activist women. 

Political systems evolve in the same way as biological ecosystems. If society rewards predatory activism, it will become the dominant state of politics in the West, while liberty and equality die off in the fringes of their declining habitat. 

What Gen Z call ‘Social Justice’ is really just another name for the persecution of innocent people by criminals. It is a return to the days of witch-burning, Chinese whispers, and political executions that used to be popular in the Dark Ages. Ruthless individuals — be they CEOs or politicians — are happy to mobilise the useless idiots of the world in order to subvert the safeguards of democracy. 

Greta Thunburg is a perfect example of malicious activism where one of the world’s most powerful alliances between bureaucracy and business has solicited the use of a young girl. Because Greta was, until recently, a child with a mental illness, the ideas that she voiced on the public stage could not be attacked due to the social hesitancy of criticising children. It does not matter that her words were a script prepared by others. Her innocent lips and sad eyes fenced off dangerous ideas from the crowd. 

Hitler and Mao employed identical tactics during their regimes. Yu Xiangzhen was thirteen when she became one of Mao’s ‘little generals’. These were the children indoctrinated from birth, taken from their families and raised by the State to worship Chairman Mao. 

“We became Red Guards – we all shared the belief that we would die to protect Chairman Mao,” Yu says. “Even though it might be dangerous, that was absolutely what we had to do. Everything I had been taught told me that Chairman Mao was closer to us than our mums and dads. Without Chairman Mao, we would have nothing.”

Despite the terror and fear she both inflicted and suffered at the hands of the murderous revolution, Yu still supports the Communist Party which shows how deep devotion goes if it is beaten into young children during their formative years. 

Lenin and Stalin perfected the cult of childhood Communism, manipulating Russian society with the fantasy of innocence – duct-taping a halo onto the regime’s barbarity in the process. Dividing children along political lines accentuated the desperately sought after class divide required to justify the horrors of the dictatorship. Hitler’s National Socialist Party also relied heavily on the radicalisation of children. While the Hitler Youth and other children’s groups were mandatory in the later years of the regime, they were already wildly popular on a voluntary basis. 

The idea was to create a grassroots community feel – a pack mentality among the young that their ideas are ‘right’ because they formed part of an obvious ‘consensus’ that was never challenged. All of today’s activist movements are comprised of corporate empires hiding behind children. They are used as fodder at protests when they should be in school. Big Tech plaster them all over promotional material in the hope that parents will be spurred on by their genetic instinct to protect children rather than looking through them to the monstrous political machine in the background. 

It is worth pointing out that most of humanity’s worst ideas were enabled through the argument of ‘consensus’ even though consensus has no basis in truth or fact. Plenty of popular ideas are wrong and most of history’s scientific certainties have since been scrapped. Indeed, there is no consensus less reliable than the consensus of indoctrinated children.  

The one truth which remains constant is that you have to start with children in order to create a generation of adults prepared to kill their friends and family in the name of a political leader. For those who think that there is no possibility of that happening in the West, remember that children do not begin as murderers. Their violence evolves from ideologically intolerant packs that verbally abuse their peers. To them, censorship is a game that rewards them with social credit points. They cheer each other on, climbing up imaginary social ladders in the same way that armies hand out ranks, all while being protected by Silicon Valley’s lopsided sense of ‘justice’. 

In time, this will escalate to a ‘Lord of the Flies’ scenario. 

We have already seen the youth of Extinction Rebellion, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter send death threats to their peers. They fantasise in the open about murdering those who oppose their view of the world. Antifa rallies have seriously injured people. Black Lives Matter riots have killed people and destroyed property. Extinction Rebellion has spawned the ‘Climate Justice’ movement that has reached all the way to the top of the Democrat Party where congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has talked about keeping lists of citizens who disagreed with their climate politics so that they can be put on trial and punished later. It is no coincidence that she was also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. 

If you think none of this matters because ‘it’s just social media’ remember that in a few short years, these kids will be the individuals running the world’s major corporations and sitting in the houses of Parliament. When a generation is allowed to engage in this sort of degenerate behaviour, it entrenches in their psyche and manifests into something much darker in their adult years. It is how you end up with governments led by irrational toddlers who use their power to murder millions in pursuit of the Socialist Utopia. 

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at Ko-Fi.


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