The shameless Cuomo brothers

22 May 2021

1:44 AM

22 May 2021

1:44 AM

Andrew Cuomo is the most shamelessly transparent governor in America. And why shouldn’t he be? The man has never been subtle about who he is — and up until now, it has always worked for him. For the duration of his career in politics, the scion of former New York governor Mario Cuomo was the media’s darling.

But times change faster than Dr Fauci’s views on mask wearing. Now Gov. Cuomo finds himself frequently described in the press as a man with ‘mushrooming scandals’. Going from ‘America’s Boyfriend’, as Marie Claire’s Michelle Collins dubbed him, to ‘America’s Delusional and Unstable Ex’ can’t be an easy transition. This has become abundantly clear from Cuomo’s unhinged press conferences. What Democrats used to consider must-see TV has devolved into erratic rants by a man in total denial. In true narcissistic fashion, Cuomo doesn’t take questions as much as he asks himself them. For example, in an April presser he asked himself, ‘Have I touched people?’ He answered, ‘Yes.’

Like many Democrats, the Luv Guv had grown accustomed to a very kind press corps. But make no mistake, Cuomo ruled by fear, not love. According to Politico, Cuomo shared ‘his late father’s penchant for phone calls at odd hours to reporters and others when he comes across something he finds disagreeable’. Cuomo must be making a lot of late-night phone calls these days. The onslaught of negative press is endless and no amount of TJ-Ducklo-style threats is going to change that.

So the governor has resorted to the last refuge of a COVID scoundrel — relaxing the mandates to try and change the subject. With every sexual harassment scandal that broke, ranging from Cuomo allegedly groping one woman to him asking an employee to learn the lyrics to ‘Danny Boy’, the power-hungry king began throwing New Yorkers crumbs. He even legalized pot! The mask mandate was his last Get Out of Jail Free card and Cuomo wasn’t going to let go of it until he absolutely had to.

When the news broke that the governor was lifting the mask mandates, it was less of an announcement and more a kind of foreshadowing. Sure enough, on the very same day, the truth behind Cuomo’s infamous book deal came to light: American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic landed him $5.1. million. Unfortunately, since that lucrative deal was signed, the Crown Publishing company’s return on investment and Cuomo’s reputation have crashed and burned.

As if Cuomo and his staff taking the time to write the self-congratulatory book mid-pandemic was not bad enough, they were actively trying to obscure the real number of how many people died in New York nursing homes at the same time. Rewriting history with a load of fiction and getting rich to boot. Did I mention he also received an Emmy? Chelsea Handler’s crush is a man of many talents.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the gov’s baby bro who is often unfairly and racistly dubbed ‘Fredo’, is now under fire too. The anchor admitted to offering his older brother advice, while on phone calls with the governor’s team, on how to handle his sexual harassment scandals. If Chris’s own history of dealing with criticism is any indication of the advice he gave to his brother, it is amazing Andrew didn’t threaten to toss any of his accusers down a flight of stairs.

Andrew Cuomo, with his emergency powers, leather bomber jacket and late-night comedy sketches on CNN, thought he was untouchable. When the pandemic first started, the governor was hailed for his lockdown measures. He was presidential, strong and straightforward. Now as he lifts his draconian measures, the very opposite is strikingly clear. Andrew Cuomo is self-serving, delusional and dishonest.

America’s Boyfriend finally got dumped. Andrew should dip into that big stash of cash and buy himself a pint of Haagen Dazs. Because this break up is going to be rough.

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