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Woke insurgency and its weapons of mass destruction

6 May 2021

8:00 PM

6 May 2021

8:00 PM

There is a sense that everyday life has become a visit to the cinema. 

We suspend our disbelief as the daily offering of crazy emerges from the left in the form of new ways or words. New rights and wrongs. 

Our instinct is to consider them a farce. 

But the bubble of comfort is bursting. The absurdities are firing in like spears from multiple angles. The attack on Western Civilisation and its cultural norms is on. 

Consider the recent Respect at Work announcement whereby a person can be sacked on the accusation alone of looking at someone for too long. 

The new workplace norms follow the Canberra ‘bonking’ ban. 

It seems hard to fathom that you can ‘legislate’ for love when evolutionary mechanisms largely dictate attraction to another. No one dares mention the thousands of husbands and wives, or partners, who have found their soulmate at work.  

Our schools are ground zero for the bizarre and dangerous work of The Woke. Their desire to seed insanity is moving like a bullet train through the education system – stopping all stations. 

At Warrnambool’s Brauer College, innocent boys and male teachers were forced to stand up at school assembly and apologise for the damage their gender had done women.  

At Parkdale Secondary College, white Christian boy students were also told to stand up, only to be slapped down with the title of ‘oppressors’. 

The insidious culture of collective guilt has no place in our classrooms. 

Then there is the Safe Schools program that works to support gender transitioning among school children. 

Last month, the Andrews Government offered non-Government schools ‘another opportunity’ to take part in its $82 million ‘Respectful Relationships’ program. Maybe Meghan Markle is leading the lessons?  

The Respectful Relationships program “is a whole-school approach, supporting schools to embed respect and gender equality in all aspects of their culture – in the classroom, the playground, the staffroom, and the broader school community”. 

A cheaper option might involve one email to every school principal reminding them that Australian life is based upon a culture of respect and equality for everyone – no matter their skin colour, age, ethnicity, sex or other. 

One hopes Victoria’s private schools say ‘Thank you, but no thank you, Mr Andrews’. 

Educators are critically aware of their ability to influence young minds.  

The release of a draft new national curriculum exposed the desire to dumb down what is taught in the classroom – removing subjects such as ancient Greece, the cornerstone of western civilisation – and replacing it in spades with indigenous studies that focus on ‘invasion’ and the damages of colonisation. 

Students are encouraged to skip school for the streets – rallying to purveyors of fear about the environment. It’s doomsday stuff. They watch the mob tear down statues, graffiti untruths and torch enterprise. 

The Black Lives Matter stampede made it to a NSW classroom where young students professed their knowledge of social issues on posters emblazoned with slogans such as “White lives matter too much”. 

In Victoria, the recently legislated ‘Gay Conversion’ Bill stops parents from providing any advice to their children about undertaking chemical or surgical actions to alter their sex. Teachers, however, may know about a student’s life-changing intent and not be required to inform the parents. 

It seems parents are simply in the way these days.  

The Woke World is about changing words to control and frame our lives. 

It seeks to tear down our norms to replace them with what? Their norms and their control. 

The SpeakUpSpeaksVolumes campaign launched by the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network is encouraging schools to avoid gendered terms such as ‘mum’, ‘dad’, ‘husband’ or ‘girlfriend’. 

Add that to the ‘chestfeeders’ rather than ‘breastfeeders’, or the Australian Bureau of Statistics guidelines for inclusive language such as ‘they’ or ‘their’ rather than ‘he/she’ or ‘his/her’. 

Animal activists want to remove meat from our diets – and animals from our farms – ignoring the reality that we rose to global prominence – and achieved an enviable first-world standard of living – from hitching an almighty ride on the sheep’s back. 

Animals have feelings and according to the activists, these are more important than our need to eat. They choose to ignore the damage soy farming has done to the Amazon. 

Even our system of law is being drawn into the social sludge. This is singularly serious. 

The Australian Law Reform Commission has just released a Consultation Paper for the review of Judicial Impartiality. It proposes that each Commonwealth court (excluding the High Court) should encourage judges to attend courses that instruct on ‘diversity, intersectionality and comprehensive cultural competency, and, specifically, cultural competency in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’. 

Other than the fact that we already have Koorie Courts, it proposes judges be well-versed in the leftist dogma of intersectionality – the idea that we should view every individual as merely a product of their various identities, rather than on their personal circumstances and character. 

This seems completely contrary to the age-old expression of ‘justice is blind’ and the independence of the judiciary. 

Critical Race Theory, the concept that you are born white and are automatically racist and privileged, is both laughable and lamentable. 

It’s the new Original Sin: replacing Adam and Eve in a world where self-absorbed, self-centred, self-impressed individuals are God enough. 

It feels like madness because it is. 

Change is normally expressed in evolutionary terms, but the woke insurgency demands revolutionary terms, paid for by gullible governments. 

It is as if the loonies have escaped the asylum, found a snow dome of the western world, and given it one hell of a shake, readjusting the landscape with slippery slopes. 

To the Woke, there is one way of thinking. One idea. One perspective. One right. One-way streets. One history. One future. And double-standards. 

Merely offering a different point of view, increasingly subjects you to a Twitter-led media-enabled mono-think barrage. You are banned by the mono-mob. 

Most men are fabulous, as are most women. Most words are fabulous – like mum and dad. And all colours are good too – including black and white. 

Mono-culture serves two purposes: to divide and conquer. 

What will the mono-think revolution bring tomorrow? 

Our bubbles of suspended disbelief are bursting to the crude reality that this is no longer a fiction. 

It is, indeed, a war of words in a world where Western Civilisation is the battleground frontier.  

Beverley McArthur is a Liberal Legislative Councillor for the Western Victoria Region.

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