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Blade Runner 2021?

28 June 2021

11:37 AM

28 June 2021

11:37 AM

After all the lurid lies and speculation about Daniel Andrews’ stumble down those stairs, have we been missing the truly intriguing story? Is Mrs Dan a replicant?

In the video the Premier released yesterday to mark his comeback, Cath Andrews looks the spitting image of Pris, one of the rebel robots Blade Runner Rick Deckard is assigned to eliminate in the 1982 sci-fi classic of the same name.

Compare and contrast.

Mrs Dan (press play):

And Pris:

And here’s where it gets really spooky: Blade Runner is set in 2019, in November 2019, one year to the month after the Victorian state election that saw Andrews romp home. Just what was going on at the time?

It’s a pleasure to open the door to some new conspiracy theories.

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