The Lincoln Project or Hunter Biden: who is more bulletproof?

24 June 2021

7:42 AM

24 June 2021

7:42 AM

Surely they can’t keep getting away with it.

Oh, who is Cockburn kidding? Of course they can.

Tuesday was a glorious day for karmic Houdini acts. Over at the New York Post, yet another story of Hunter Biden’s escapades landed with a graceless thud.

Throughout Miranda Devine’s 1,300-word piece, one can sense her desperate desire to overwhelm with enough salacious details for the public to care. The First Son hired a Russian prostitute for an $8,000 weekend sex romp! He smoked crack! They made a porno! He balanced a line of M&Ms on his phallus! And Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, might have paid for it all!

No, really! A literal ex-Secret Service agent texted Hunter about issues with ‘Celtic’’s account. Celtic was Biden’s codename. It was so important DC was calling every 10 minutes. When Hunter was laggardly in responding they threatened to force their way into his room.

Devine has photos for all of this! The Secret Service agent has issued an extremely suspect denial that calls the text messages ‘fabricated!’ And let Cockburn remind you, by the way, that all of this involves a man who was paid $50,000 a month to advise a shady Ukrainian company on ‘anti-corruption’ practices.

Seriously, what more does Devine, or Cockburn for that matter, need to do to suggest this is a news story? It has everything: sex, money, privilege, the children of the powerful playing different rules from everyone else.

But nope! Nobody cares. Besides a couple of British tabloids and people on Twitter, nobody even seems to care about the piece. Even conservative outlets seem to have lost interest. It appears the story’s fate is to ‘die in darkness’, as the other, less-interesting Post might say. They just don’t have time for it. All their stamina for sex plus political corruption was blown on Matt Gaetz. Now, they can only spare reporters for critical stories like lemurs kidnapped from the zoo.

And sadly, Cockburn can’t even take solace in the humorous implosion of the Lincoln Project hypergrift, which has been put on hold for at least a couple days.

Last January, it emerged that co-founder John Weaver has been constantly soliciting and grooming young men for sex, that he’d been doing it for ages, and that pretty much everyone seemed to know about it. After that news came out, fellow co-founder Steve Schmidt responded by leaking texts from an employee he’d been spying on, then sprayed squid ink by publishing a bizarre screed about getting molested when he was a teenager. Oh, and also the entire organization was exposed as a massive grift to get all the co-founders rich.

But anyway, forget all of that. Actually, the Lincoln Project did nothing wrong. On Tuesday night, the Lincoln Project gleefully announced that the law firm they’d hired to investigate the Lincoln Project, staffed by donors to the Lincoln Project, had discovered that the Lincoln Project did nothing wrong and were, all around, a bunch of stand-up chaps who should definitely receive more of your money. It all sounds pretty shady, but once again, no major outlets are covering it. The Hill only buries a mention of the law firm’s potential conflict of interest at the bottom of its write-up. So yeah, they’re probably going to get away with it.

Woohoo! Grift’s back on, boys. Hop over to the re-activated fundraising page and consider donating $20.22, or $43, or perhaps $10,000. They aren’t picky, so long as the check clears. Looks like nobody is going to jail or even getting permanently disgraced for this one, either. Schmidt might even still get his ‘generational’ wealth by the end of this.

Forget it, Cockburn. It’s Griftertown.

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