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While we were sleeping, New Zealand has lost a democracy

8 June 2021

2:35 PM

8 June 2021

2:35 PM

Jacinda Ardern believes New Zealand will become a republic.  It’s all right, though, because she’s not in a hurry. But then, the Left, with their eye on the eventual capture of all our democratic institutions (remember “the long march”) have always had their eye on the end result.  

Throughout the twentieth century, most New Zealanders did what family people do – they got on with their lives, those descending from Maori, European and other ancestors happily inter-marrying: no full-blooded Maoris exist today. Our people survived the Great Depression, and two World Wars, focussing on raising and providing for families in a stable society underpinned by Christian values. Aware of Communism’s aggressive agenda, this country’s former governments provided a modest military and civilian presence in Vietnam, and contributed soldiers in the 1950s to the United Nations “police action” to repel North Korea’s invasion of the South. 

Unlike the reality faced by other European and Asian countries throughout the worldour isolation has been a protection. It has also been a disadvantage, given the long infiltration of our education system, in particular by destructive academics — openly, at the time, professing allegiance to neo-Marxism. One particularly damaging consequence — among so many resulting from the dumbing-down of our schools curriculum — has been the removal of the teaching of history, with its important reminders of the underpinnings of our western democracy. Most young and not so young New Zealanders are today extraordinarily ignorant about the lessons we should have learned from history.  

Probably most on this side of the Tasman — less intellectually alert thathose from countries with hostile neighbours on their borders throughout the centuries — have kept too casual an eye on our government’s off-shore affairs, barely noticing an increasingly hostile environment developing, including in the PacificIt was extraordinary that the former prime minister Helen Clark, perceived as notably hostile to America while embracing supranational structures, could get away with destroying the combat wing of our Air Force,  while at the same time stating what was obviously untrue that, We live in an incredibly benign environment.  

Already hand-picked young Maori, potential leaders, had been invited offshore by Communist interests, as with Donna Awatere Huata, travelling to Communist Cuba. Her later published “Maori Sovereigntybecame central to the deliberately fostered Māori protest movement, indoctrinating and nurturing a grievance industry to destabilise our democracyShe was eventually jailed for two years and nine months for stealing from a Maori trust set up to help underprivileged children. 

Within any society, there are always the disaffected. And the tragedy is that although only a small minority of part-Maori New Zealanders constantly agitate for special funding and privileges, the inevitable backlash against the subversive agenda being implemented by Jacinda Ardern’s government as with the unacceptably racist, proposed draft history curriculum — is already underway. Its originators are apparently so contemptuous of the notion of objectivity that it includes a plethora of Maori words and phrases without English translations, thus excluding the vast majority of New Zealanders from being able even to fully read the document. 

Little wonder, from a Labour coalition intent on forcing racist legislation on the country – as with removing New Zealanders rights to vote on proposed Maori wards and other thoroughly undemocratic initiatives in the pipeline. Little wonder, too, with Ardern’s government containing MPs belatedly boasting that they are socialists As with Duncan Webb: Well there’s (sic) so many of us great socialists on this side of the house.” There certainly are. 

Like rust, the Left never sleeps, and the damage done these recent decades to this once far happier country is challenging. However, for the sake of all New Zealand’s children, it is one we cannot refuse to rise to.  

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