2514: Welcome back

10 July 2021

9:00 AM

10 July 2021

9:00 AM

Unclued lights (one of two words, the others paired) are of a kind.


7Lace branches left in fruit tree (6)

11After study, forgetting the year, doubting what William was famous for (10)

13Appealing to restrain husband’s slide (5)

14It strengthens bricks originally placed in tower (5, hyphened)

15Mounted, moving south towards the coast (7, two words)

17Aim in wrong direction so fail to score goal (7)

18Robber I talk foolishly about (6)

19Married Indian eccentric, freeing insect (4)

22Intervene, beginning to punch in the mug (6, two words)

24Terrible noise at port compound (9)

25Jingle perhaps shows one negative effect (5)

28To appear important, weaver exercising glare (9, two words)

30Unnecessary once to be carried around (6, two words)

33Traveller and wanderer heard (4)

36The USSR was, in summary (6)

39Almost complete song, “Worms” (7)

40Plants unlike neighbours change nature in extremis (7)

43From court I race out, concerned with running the 27 (10)

44Poor quality board keeps quiet (6)


3May perhaps start off with one German doing time (7, three words)

4Once lewd club I run badly (6)

6Sing quietly about old woman, oddly gone for old man (9, hyphened)

7Wingers’ spot is hugging side of touchline (6)

8Expelled? Said ’e was ’aving a joke (7)

10Set hotel by forest (6)

16Broadcasting limit a provocative period? (10, two words)

20Criminal signature includes fine tattoo (4)

21Strangely opine a bow may be used in modern war (9)

23Pitch tent (4)

27Makes delicacies, about to be consumed (7)

29To treat one supply a little air (7)

30Neat, bringing in running water? A reverse (6)

32Large measure of work in good condition, being short of time: grand (6)

34Active, almost healed? Fine (6)

35I’m pleased about record being first-class (5)

37Disadvantage of pet sitting on child (5)

38Good weather, this, for crop? (5)

A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 26 July. There are two runners-up prizes of £20. Please scan or photograph entries and email them (including the crossword number in the subject field) to – the dictionary prize is not available. We will accept postal entries again at some point.

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