Is the Lincoln Project going left?

8 July 2021

1:12 AM

8 July 2021

1:12 AM

The Twinkin Project scrambled together enough donor cash to hire Democratic strategist Joe Trippi as a senior adviser, the group announced Tuesday.

‘Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent political strategist, you know and have studied the work of Joe Trippi,’ said Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen in a statement. ‘Joe’s legendary status in the political space and unparalleled experience innovating — indeed changing the face of modern politics — makes him an invaluable resource for our work here at the Lincoln Project.’

Oh yes, Trippi’s ‘legendary’ résumé includes managing the failed presidential campaign for former Vermont governor Howard Dean and the 2017 campaign for the now-ousted Democratic senator Doug Jones of Alabama. At the very least Trippi will feel at home alongside fellow sixty-something-year-old wash-up Rick Wilson — who was haunted for years by financial troubles until he founded the NeverTrump cash cow by aligning himself with unfashionable DC eggheads and creeps.

The Lincoln Project is still licking their wounds six months after the revelation that one of their co-founders, John Weaver, groomed and sexually harassed young men, offering them professional advice in exchange for sex. The organization is accused of knowing about these allegations months in advance but chose to cover them up. Nasty stuff, but fret not — because a law firm paid for by the Lincoln Project and staffed by Lincoln Project donors concluded the Lincoln Project did nothing wrong. Thank God, now we can all sleep easier at night knowing these potbellied voyeurs are the moral compass of the GOP and not the New York Cheeto.

In an op-ed published by USA Today, Trippi clapped onto Trump’s carcass, claiming the former president is a Napoleon on Elba-esque fascist responsible for an ongoing ‘authoritarian movement’ in the US.

‘This is not about policy or petty politics or our individual histories and past partisan fights. It’s about the future of our democracy and, as Lincoln’s guardians, making sure it survives,’ Trippi wrote. ‘That is why, today, I am joining the Lincoln Project in this cause.’

As a Republican majority looms ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, Cockburn is not the least bit surprised the Lincoln Project has stopped pretending to be anything other than a Democratic grift. While Trump flushed the wallets of Weaver and dad of the year George Conway for four years, his absence makes it harder for the organization to act as if they’re fighting an existential battle for the GOP’s soul. Cockburn wishes Trippi all the best. It’s always sad to watch someone jump on the tail-end of an amazing scam; hopefully, he can grab a few coins before the whole rotten structure comes crashing down.

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