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Truth on social media? Geoffrey Robertson is keen

5 July 2021

7:22 PM

5 July 2021

7:22 PM

Truth on social media? It’s a wonderful idea, one espoused by high profile human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson on Sky News Australia’s Sharri yesterday. He says comments on social media should be assessed by a select, independent and authoritative group for truth and accuracy.

This signals the beginning of the end of the climate change apoplexy: if alarmism is restricted to facts, it will be extinguished within a week. Likewise alarmism around the Covid-19 infection.  

If only we could introduce such a system with guarantees that facts will rule. The track record of big tech so far is risible, insisting as they have on deleting factual content that conflicts with their preferred propaganda, such as their denials that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are effective treatments.  

Needless to say, Robertson’s example was Donald Trump, who, he maintains, should be heard but corrected. I would say ‘bring it on’.   

Which brings me to Oscar Wilde’s observation that ‘the truth is rarely pure and never simple’.    

It was Sunday morning in London, from where Robertson spoke live on Sharri. At one point as the camera focused on Sharri Markson in the Sydney studio, Robertson took a sip of a red liquid in a wine glass. Oscar Wilde knew what he was talking about.

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