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We are stamping on our children’s future with our attempts to stamp out Covid

8 August 2021

3:00 PM

8 August 2021

3:00 PM

It used to be an intergenerational compact, an unwritten commandment, that we will give to our children better than we received. That we will bequeath to them more than we inherited. Well, that compact is broken, and that inheritance has been squandered. 

In their foolish ambition to achieve Covid-zero, our governments have retarded a generation of children. And for this luxury, our children will inherit an unfathomable quantum of public debt all while having their ability to repay it handicapped by Government policy. 

Oh to be young again and be filled with optimism was once a dream. No more. 

Very soon, our young will need to be vaccinated against a disease that has a very low risk of causing them harm. As at 4 August 2021, there have been less than 360 deaths among under 18 in the United States. Or as a proportion, 0.059%. Every death is tragic, but it has never been within the whim of man, let alone Government to prevent death. But for our young, the risk of harm from the vaccines is higher than the risk of harm from Covid.   

For our young to share the same experiences of youth that we had, they will need to comply. They will need to be vaccinated to work, to attend school, to socialise, to participate in sport, to travel, to dance. To live. To do all the things associated with being young.   

Right now, millions of kids are prevented from attending school. Even before they were “locked down”, the average 15-year-old was performing at the educational level of a 14-year-old in 2000. Just imagine the educational outcome impact of three or six months of remote learning. Consider twelve. For those children just learning to read or to count? Or for those kids already stressed by end of school exams. For those without access to the internet or computers.  

Consider the productivity impacts of our 16-year-olds being at the same standard as 14-year-olds. Consider the apprentices not being able to attend TAFE or the budding doctors and engineers unable to attend practical classes at university, all the while accumulating HELP liabilities. 

And in return for their inability to live the life of youth and their accepting the risk of vaccination, their prize is a multi-trillion dollar whole of government debt and the obligation to fund a health care system for the benefit of their forebears. 

It is a disgrace. It is institutional child abuse. 

Shame on Government. Shame on us for allowing this. 

Stephen Spartacus regularly writes at Sparty’s Cast.

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