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In Gladystopia men can now be Woman of the Year

3 September 2021

11:29 AM

3 September 2021

11:29 AM

Based on biology and genetic makeup a woman is a woman and a man is a man. No longer, according to the just released eligibility criteria for the New South Wales Government’s Woman of the Year Award. 

Under the heading Eligibility Criteria for entrants the first dot point reads “Identifies as a woman”. So much for XX and XY chromosomes and the fact that according to one survey just under 98% of Australian men and women are happy with their sex at birth. 

Even though the award is “all about celebrating women who are standing up and standing out in their communities and setting a wonderful example for everyone” men who self-identify as women can apply. 

So much for the argument more needs to be done to recognise and support the “many women from all walks of life who are spearheading positive change and inspiring others to do the same right across the state”. 

Long gone are the days when feminists could argue because women are disadvantaged there needs to be affirmative action and positive discrimination. Thanks to transgender theory women are no longer a protected species. 

Transwomen can compete in women’s sports, use women’s toilets and in schools the argument is trans students should be able to use the changing rooms and toilets for the gender they self-identify as. 

Like the radical gender theory underpinning the Safe Schools program, where students are told gender is a fluid social construct and they have the power to decide what sex they are, it’s clear Bonnie Taylor, the minister responsible for the awards, has also drunk the Kool-Aid. 

Further evidence that Taylor is now thoroughly Woke is another criteria announcing “self-nominations will be accepted”. Much like the contemporary classroom where student agency and self-assessment prevail prospective entrants are free to sing their own praises. 

Clearly, it’s wrong to make entrants go through the arduous process of eliciting support from others and having to justify how wonderful and successful they are by providing independent evidence. 

Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland proclaims “When I use a word… it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less”. In this postmodern, politically correct world words no longer have an agreed, common meaning and everyone is free to define words however they choose. 

As a result, a government that describes itself as ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ can enact policy that is ‘radical’ and ‘cultural left and ignore the contradiction. 

Dr Kevin Donnelly is an education author and commentator. His latest book is Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March. 

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