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What did we tell you about Chairman Dan’s ‘roadmap’?

26 September 2021

5:21 PM

26 September 2021

5:21 PM

The Spectator Australia, Sunday 19 September 2021:

Daniel Andrews has this afternoon delivered his roadmap for freedom for Victorians…We can tell you all you need to know about it in just 25 words – a sentence from the Chairman’s media release:

There will be a “guard rail” system in place, which will allow our public health team to adjust restrictions if hospital admissions become too high.

In other words, it’s all hypothetical…

The Sunday Age, one week later:

Masks and limits on household gatherings may remain in place to help reduce COVID-19 peaks after Victoria exits lockdowns, with the state government warning its road map isn’t a “set and forget” plan…

The MSM. Always on the ball. They even have to wait for the government to spell out what was obvious a week ago.

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