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Send the Glasgow climate and canapés conference to Iceland

3 October 2021

10:16 AM

3 October 2021

10:16 AM

November’s COP 26 meeting should be shifted from Glasgow in Scotland to Reykjavík in Iceland.

Twenty-five previous meetings of this very expensive travel club have achieved nothing useful, having wasted millions of dollars while industries are destroyed, CO2 levels continue to grow and global temperatures go nowhere.

These climate tourists gather in plush hotels for parties, eats and drinks, propose more destructive energy policies for the Western World, agree to meet again, and then fly home.

Holding the next meeting in Iceland would give them three useful lessons.

Firstly, Iceland is cold — and growing colder. Look at the Myrdasjokull glacier, which has recently had a significant addition of ice. The Hofsjokull, Langjokull, Myrdasjokull and Vatnajokull glaciers have also expanded.

COP26 could ponder the cold hungry future for mankind when the globe moves inevitably into its next cycle of ice, and their green energy baubles fail.

Secondly, they should take a short tour to see something real — the Fagradalshraun volcano, the first shield volcano to erupt in Iceland in about 8,000 years. This one volcano has emitted about a million tons of CO2 in three months. Who is figuring that into their carbon targets?

Thirdly, Iceland can also provide COP26 tourists with a lesson in climate futility. While the volcano is pouring millions of tonnes CO2 into the atmosphere, Iceland is spending millions on collecting some of that gas to send it back underground under the futile carbon capture and storage schemes once so beloved by Kevin Rudd.

COP delegates should also ponder the destructive stupidity of the EU ‘climate package’ that will have no effect on future climate:

Václav Klaus, previous president of the Czech Republic has described it well:

This EU climate package is not bold. It is stupid and nonsensical. It is unrealistic, and if it were to be implemented, it would be completely destructive to the lives, freedom and living standards of the people of Europe.

His words don’t just apply to Europe. They apply to the entire world — especially nations seeking to continue the great triumphs of capitalism over recent decades and lift their people out of poverty.

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