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Victoria, the Venezuela of the South

4 October 2021

1:00 PM

4 October 2021

1:00 PM

Such was the ineptitude and mismanagement when Joan Kirner was Victoria’s Premier the state become known as the Albania of the south – named after a bankrupt, European socialist state ruled by a series of despots close to communist Russia. 

As Melbourne wins the title of the world’s most locked-down city and Premier Daniel Andrews (aka Chairman Dan) continues to impose a draconian and inhumane response to the China virus we’re now known as the antipodean Venezuela — yet another socialist state ruled by the dictator President Maduro who, in addition to bankrupting the country, relies on the military to coerce the population and maintain power. 

Since the arrival of the China virus Victorians have been forced to suffer compulsory isolation and unwarranted curfews, denied the right to visit sick and dying family and relatives and be treated as criminals for simply sitting on a park bench. 

Worse still, while Victoria inherited a Westminster parliamentary system based on popular sovereignty where the executive is held accountable Chairman Dan denies the opposition’s ability to hold his government to account by regularly closing down parliament. 

Among his cabinet colleagues, instead of acting as the first among equals as intended under the British system Victoria inherited and as argued by Jenny Mikakos the Health Minister who resigned, Chairman Dan acts as a one-man oligarch consumed by his desire to dominate.  

Much like George Orwell’s Big Brother, Chairman Dan also uses fear and intimidation to enforce compliance.  The virus is described as a deadly beast, any criticism is condemned as selfish and dangerous and Victorians are forced to live under a constant state of emergency where freedom no longer exists. 

Neighbours, families and friends are pressured to dob one another in for any offence, no matter how trivial, police have to power to invade your home and much like communist-dominated Hong Kong riot police fire rubber bullets and use truncheons and tear gas against protestors. 

Even elderly citizens and cameramen are not immune.  While Chairman Dan is making vaccinations mandatory for authorised workers and enforcing vaccination passports it’s significant in the United Kingdom, the home of liberal democracy, the government refuses to be so dictatorial. 

Forcing citizens to be vaccinated also contravenes the Victorian Human Rights Charter that states a person must not be “subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent”. 

Dr Kevin Donnelly is a conservative author and commentator and editor of Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March.. 

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