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He Puapua?

9 November 2021

5:41 PM

9 November 2021

5:41 PM

Now why on earth why would the New Zealand government, dominated by the far-left Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, produce a document with a title meaningless to by the majority of New Zealanders?

Why would it be hidden from public viewing for two years until the government was compelled to produce it, originally heavily redacted — whereupon Miss Ardern, in her evasive, signature fashion, was apparently unable to answer any questions about what it contained. The major media outlets, hands now deep in the government till — (in reality, sponging off taxpayers who provide what government spends) seemingly thought this fair enough. After all, she winsomely explained, she hadn’t actually read it.

An interesting, somewhat creative answer, given that members of her cabinet were well into scrutinising its recommendations, with a view to entrenching them in legislation? But who we are to query what our haloed Prime Minister assures us    her government  “the sole source of truth” in relation to Covid 19, and doubtless other issues – simply because her cabinet hadn’t bothered to bring her in out of the cold?

The untranslated He Puapua has become the underlying radical power-grab by now immensely wealthy neo-tribes (in reality, hierarchical business corporations) for two governments in New Zealand. One is to be dominated by a minority of grudge-holding, part-Maori extremists with what are envisaged as superior rights over those of all other New Zealanders. Already this has occurred with Ardern’s radicalisation of our health system, where her government legislated for two entities controlling decision-making, but with the Maori one able to veto the decisions of the one representing most of the country.

The Maori economy is now worth nearly $70 billion – most of it from the constant raiding of taxpayers’ pockets in settlements for supposed unfairness in government decision-making as far back as nearly 200 years ago – designed to compensate these now powerful tribal corporations. In the way of the world, undoubtedly some injustices did occur. But in no way can New Zealanders today be regarded as responsible for actions taken many generations ago. Moreover, in some cases, claims have been undoubtedly exaggerated – even arguably fraudulent, but successfully achieved because of clever lawyers, and of the inadequacy of lawyers of the Crown, failing to provide due diligence.

Money talks, and already the extraordinary wealth of these self-serving corporations is buying influence, distorting what should be fair practices and procedures in our universities and other institutions. Any research programme which does not now prioritise advantages, first and foremost, for those of Maori descent, has little chance of getting funding. That our institutional managers and hierarchies have bought into this form of corruption is disgraceful. A total betrayal not only of democratic procedures, but of justice, it is attacking the values on which our democracy is founded, prioritising politics of racial identity and preferment over fair treatment for individuals based on merit, achievement and effort.

Government official documents now contain a plethora of supposed Maori words and phrases which probably only the estimated 4% of New Zealanders who can actually speak today’s Maori can possibly understand. Ardern’s promotion of the divisive politics of racist separatism is now gathering strength through her government’s constant, special funding of accumulatively hundreds of millions of dollars directed to Maori-only organisations and institutions – in spite of the already enormous wealth in the Maori economy.

For example, an initial $56 million given to Maori-only organisations to cope with ensuring needy part-Maori coped with Covid 19 (while all the other well-established welfare organisations received only half this amount) – has now been trumped by an extra $120 millions for Maori-only organisations. How much of this ever gets further than the pockets of those handling this extra largesse we are unlikely to learn. Accountability for the transfer of money on the grounds of race, rather than need, is never prioritised.

A rapidly growing numbers of New Zealanders, anxious to reject the Labour government’s campaign to subvert our democracy,  are less than keen to vote for National, given that – among other questionable initiatives — the former National party Prime Minister, John Key, can fairly be regarded as primarily responsible for this whole debâcle. It was Key who surreptitiously sent the then Minister of Maori Affairs, Pita Sharples, to sign The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – the excuse this government is now using to bow to the demands of radicalised part-Maori. The latter are by no means all of Maori descent.  Anachronistic, disfiguring facial tattoos are now making an appearance by a minority, with some apparently obsessed by what is even a very minor genetic inheritance – while ignoring their descent from the majority of their ancestors.

Not only did Key allow an international treaty to be signed without consulting, or even informing New Zealanders, he took care to see that not even the media had any advance warning. The question still is – why? New Zealand has no indigenous people, the various Maori tribal groups arriving in different canoes at different times. Today’s forebears openly acknowledged that others, long departed, had been here before them.

The government’s excuse for prioritising the rights of our supposedly indigenous peoples on the grounds that we have an obligation to do so — is utterly spurious. We have none. We no longer have even any full-blooded Maori.

So what else is at stake – in this quite extraordinary subverting of our legislation, our customs and traditions?  Why is Ardern backing the removal of the internationally recognised and respected name of our country, New Zealand, for the supposed Maori equivalent, Aotearoa — which it never was? New Zealanders have overwhelmingly rejected this name change in repeated public polling. However, this is hardly likely to stop the Prime Minister in her tracks, given that her practice is apparently – as we see with the Three Waters proposal – to promise consultation and then to flagrantly ignore this, in order to get what she wants.

Little wonder that the actual intent of He Puapua and what it means for this country was obscured for as long as possible.

What it is actually comprised of is her left-wing government’s apparent agenda to basically destroy our democracy by remaking this country according to the wishes of a hierarchy of part-Maori academics pushing for the insidious recommendations of this basically anti-the West, UN document.

Specifically, what He Puapua means for New Zealand is a radicalisation of all institutions; in education, for example, selectively rewriting our history, promoting racial bias and critical race theory, aiming to make children without Maori ancestry feel ashamed.

The ownership and control of the entire conservation estate is to be handed over to tribal authorities with the Department of Conservation (DOC) recommending full control and governance to be given to Maori. Privately owned land is to be rezoned with rights over it to be given to Maori. Rights to all freshwater are also to be given to Maori under the Three Waters proposal with taxpayers providing Maori funding to cover the costs of those who are now claiming the seabed and foreshore from mean high tide out to 12 nautical miles. Opponents to Maori claims must, of course, fund their own legal costs. It is also envisaged that Maori land should be exempt from rates and that iwi (businesses with billions of dollars in assets) should not pay taxes. Taxpayers, however, should be charged to upgrade maraes — meeting places for Maori communities.

Presiding over all this is envisaged two separate governments for this country, with a new written constitution based on a conveniently reinvented,  new interpretation of the 1840 Treaty of Waitingi. Apparently, the latter should have provided for at least 5% of all government procurement contracts to go to Maori businesses. In fact, all government departments and agencies must now provide a report showing at least 5% of the procurement for goods and services would be from Maori businesses.

We are already familiar with the health “reforms” where a separate Maori health care system is to be funded — by the taxpayer of course — in spite of the nearly $70 billions dollars of assets owned by Maori. Maori patients are already being prioritised for hospital treatment. This racist decision-making and veto over the entire health system is already now in existence.

Where is the justice in all this – particularly given the proposed Maori court system where offenders with Maori ancestors will be treated differently, Maori gaols established and Western common law replaced by Maori “tikanga” another virtually untranslatable word meaning a considerable range of Maori customs and practices.

From government to local government? Not all Maori but iwi — those belonging to the powerful “tribes” – will have veto rights, even although not elected by rate-payers — with the proposal that 50% of council seats will be so held. Already the ability of local communities to hold a binding referendum on Maori ward seats on councils has been removed by Nanaia Mahuta, undoubtedly under Ardern’s tutelage.

What about the watchdogs of government, the media, supposedly ready to hold government to account? In spite of some commentators of dogged integrity, our major newspapers, television and broadcasting channels are toeing the government line. With $55 million granted to them – on condition that they prevent any point of view being presented that opposes this government’s race-based agenda — they have basically been bribed.  Already anxious to present stories that support the government-approved narrative, these media initially gabble greetings to listening and watching audiences in today’s te reo —  the major part of it now a newly-invented language. This supposed Maori language is also being forced onto government departments and local authorities, being reproduced by those in the government employ – even by medical hospital staff.

This is not the New Zealand that so many not only fought to defend,  but loved, and gave their lives for. While there is little doubt that this present government is going to try to cling longer to power, by aiming to change elections to every four, rather than three years, a reckoning is due. Our present Prime Minister knows this.

What her long-term agenda may be, after eventual electoral defeat – with so much damage having been done to the country – is now being questioned by very many New Zealanders.

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