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Je suis ScoMo

4 November 2021

5:55 PM

4 November 2021

5:55 PM

Je suis ScoMo. 

Friends, Australians, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come not to bury the Prime Minister. This time. 

There is much discussion about whether Prime Minister Morrison “lied” to French President Macron over the submarines contract. 

Of course, the usual aligned suspects have jumped on to put the boot in. The elected Leader of the Opposition, Anthony Albanese. The un-elected Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull.  The campaign office of the Opposition, the ABC. All that is missing is Kevin Rudd saying that what has been alleged is at the instruction of Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp. 

Speaking as an Australian citizen and taxpayer, I say I don’t care whether Morrison lied to get out of this terrible arrangement. Forget the design and cost. The French are utterly unreliable defence partners. Completely and utterly. The decision to go with a French supplier was fundamentally against Australia’s national security interests. 

Have a look at what the French did to the Israelis.

France used to be a key ally and military supplier to Israel.  French fighter jets made up the backbone of Israel’s air force.  Then, during the 6-day war, the French decided to stop supplying and supporting the planes that Israel spent millions of dollars buying.  In the middle of the war, president Charles de Gaulle put an arms embargo on Israel preventing the delivery of 50 fighter planes. 

Without a hint of irony, the planes were called Mirage much the trustworthiness of the French. 

Picture Australia in hot kinetic conflict and our enemy throwing a few bob the way of France to by a few wheels of cheese in exchange for France stopping the supply and support of their dud subs.

Anyone who chooses France as a strategically significant defence supplier is an idiot. Which is no doubt why this decision was made by then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and defence minister Christopher Pyne. And no doubt why Turnbull is seeking to defend its “credibility”. 

If Prime Minister Morrison lied to President Macron. Good. All the better. Australia should lie to the pretentious, perfidious poodles more often. Despite the accusations of the intellectual class that white English speaking men are the source of all the world’s problems, actual evidence demonstrates that France is actually the “least racially tolerant country in Europe”. Or in proper English, the most racially intolerant country in Europe. 

Allez les Roos. 

Stephen Spartacus regularly writes at Sparty’s Cast.

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