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Vaccine mandates? Get knotted

26 November 2021

4:00 AM

26 November 2021

4:00 AM

I have a friend who has not been vaccinated.  He was advised by his doctor not to have the jab.  He suffers from Parkinson’s disease and a number of other significant ailments, including almost constant migraines.  Nonetheless, whenever I catch up with him, he is invariably cheerful.  His claim to fame is that he invented the phrase ‘get knotted’, which unfortunately you don’t hear that much anymore.  Apparently, he and a group of work colleagues in Britain had a game to invent phrases, use them frequently in public and see if any of them caught on.  ‘Get knotted’ did.

Anyway, his wife is a very intelligent, very well-read former teacher and she is not vaccinated either.  For much of her life she has studied diet and dietary supplements as a principal way of maintaining good health.  That is not to say she eschews traditional medicine.   She has studied the Covid 19 vaccines in great detail and has decided that there are too many unanswered questions for her to feel comfortable taking any of the vaccines at this stage. A red flag for her was Morrison’s announcement of an indemnity scheme under which health practitioners who are found liable to pay compensation for any serious adverse events suffered by people receiving COVID vaccines, will have the compensation paid for them by the Commonwealth. She regards these vaccines as still experimental.  But she is barred from entering any premise other than essential services until 15 Dec in NSW. If she lived in Victoria she would be an outcast until some unspecified future date.

Which brings me to the Nuremburg Protocol.  Some months ago, we heard a bit about vaccine mandates being an infringement of the Nuremburg Protocol which forbids people being forced to take an experimental drug.  They must give their informed consent.  We haven’t heard much about this lately and that is because the powers-that-be have decided that, now the vaccines have been approved for general use, they are no longer experimental.

Given that these vaccines were developed, tested and brought into clinical use in just twelve months that contention is arguable.  John Hopkins University tells us it takes typically 5 to 10 years for a vaccine to be properly evaluated before general use.

We have all seen the confusion over side effects and efficacy rates over the past twelve months.  We have discovered that these vaccines do not prevent acquisition or transmission of Covid.   We now know that, even double jabbed, the effectiveness diminishes over a period of some six months.  We still don’t know even the mid-term effects.

And Rebecca Weisser has again highlighted the serious question marks hovering over these vaccines.

So, despite the smug complacency of health bureaucracies, I am in total agreement with my friend that these vaccines are effectively, if not officially, experimental.

Gabriel Moens and Augusto Zimmerman examined this whole question of vaccine mandates (including the applicability of the Nuremberg Code) here.

They conclude that vaccine mandates are a breach of human rights.

Which brings me back to my friend.  She and her husband are the human face of this breach.  She has made an informed decision not to be vaccinated.  She is not mindlessly anti-vax but she has weighed up the threat of side effects to her against the efficacy of the vaccine and the availability of a suitable treatment for Covid.  Has she made a misguided decision?  I don’t know.  Is she foolish to discount the assurances of officialdom, cheered on by the MSM?  Ask yourself that question. I discount the assurances of most politicians, bureaucrats and commentators that the world is going to fry unless we kill off our energy and agricultural sectors, that ivermectin is ineffective against Covid, that the 2020 US presidential election was not stolen, that Bruce Pascoe is an Aboriginal historian, that there are more than two biological genders, that Australia is a racist country, that universities support academic freedom and so on.  I could go on but I’m sure you get my point.  These days, you are foolish if you don’t question the orthodoxy on almost any subject.

Recently the debate got personal when obnoxious fishwife Jacqui Lambie unleashed a vicious tirade in the Senate berating the non-vaccinated in quite abusive terms.

Why should my friend be labelled a ‘nutter’ and ostracised because someone like Lambie hasn’t bothered to do her homework?  Why should I be condemned by equally deranged NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner for defending my friend?

Well, here is my response to Lambie, Gunner and their ilk.

Get knotted.

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